Pakistan’s ideological vacuum

Pakistan’s ideological vacuum
by Dr Manzur Ejaz
An independent judiciary seems to be taking root in Pakistan, but it is just one institution of many, and cannot induce societal balance on its own. Furthermore, an isolated institution cannot survive for long unless a more modern and progressive political force takes the reins of the state.

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No representation of Sindh in financial institutions

by: Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan

The representation to people of Sindh as it has been observed that in the appointment of heads of all institutions, financial corporations, banks and departments etc no Sindhi has been given the post of the head of the Department, bank and financial institution. In this way Sindhis deserving, highly qualified and experienced have been neglected and not given their constitutional rights and representation in any bank or financial institution.

Even recently, for the post of banking ombudsman, a retired Deputy Governor State Bank of Pakistan has been appointed who got two extensions in State Bank of Pakistan.The deserving people of Sindh are depressed and frustrated so much that from the policies of the PPP Government, they are thinking for diversion of their sympathies, hopes and blessings. Not only the appointment as the heads of banks but even no bank or corporation needs representation of Sindhis as its Board of Director or member of its committees. All intellectuals and parties of Sindh are demanding inquiries and checking of these facts to the effect that why not Sindhis are neglected and given their representations in all financial institutions.The President of Pakistan is therefore requested to issue his orders for providing constitutional representation to Sindhi people in all banks and in institutions.

Apirl 15, 2009


Report by Manat War, Imtiaz Baloch Spokes Person, BHRC Canada
On Friday April 17, The BHRC (Canada) the Toronto Chapter ask all Peace loving and Human rights organization of Toronto area to join hands with BHRC Canada to denounce the continuing killings taking place in Balochistan.
Gathering to condemn the killings in Balochistan, Pakistan.DATE: FIRDAY APRIL 17, 2009, PLACE: 200 FRONT STREET WEST TORONTO IN FRONT OF CBC BUILDING. TIME: 4 PM
Similar protest are being held in Vancouver, Calgary and other parts of Canada.


Sindhi as a nation is great and honest

sindhby Zulfiqar Halepoto, Hyderabad, Sindh
..Sindhi as a nation is a great entity and honest as well. They are also brave, fighters and mature in their political decision making. I salute to Sindhi nation who is fighting against all odds and still stands as the leading nation of the state. Sindhis are an ideal nation who believe in co-existence of other nations.