Universal message of peace and brotherhood

By Surjit Singh Flora
Beliefs of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
God is one, – All human beings are equal, –Women are equal to men in all respects.
“There is no Hindu, there is no Muslim” (in Punjabi, “n k hind, n k musluman“). All are human beings.

On Nov. 24, people around the world, from all persuasions- Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Chrstians- will be celebrating the 538th birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Sikh Guru.

Nanak was born in 1469 in Talwandi, near Lahor, Pakistan.

His father Mehta Kalu was Tapadar/Patwari: an accountant of land revenue in the government. His mother was Mata (Mother) Tripta Devi. His older sister was Bibi Nanki. His parents were Khatri Hindus of the Bedi clan. …

As the founder of a new religion, Guru Nank set down strong foundations for his successors and his followers. He preached and promoted universal brotherhood, selfless love, peace, harmony, and servitude to all people….

One of the most important beliefs of Sikhism that Guru Nank Dev Ji set down is that it’s necessary to help the needy and the poor. Guru Ji was always ready to help the poor and he served food to them. In fact, Guru Ji often invited the needy and the poor into his house.

Guru Ji traveled all over India. He went as far east as Assam, as far south as Sri Lanka, and as far noth as Tibet. Guru Ji then went westwards beyond India to Mecca and Madina in Arabia…

Guru Ji once met a very rich and successful man. The man invited Guru Sahib to his large a luxurious house. The man had accumulated a vast fortune through deceit and foul means and he boasted about his wealth. He asked Guru Ji if there was anything he could do for a man of God.

Guru Ji saw a needle on the floor, picked it up and handed it to him, saying: “Please give me this needle in the next world.”

The man was puzzled: “How can I do this?”

Guru Ji replied: “One comes into this world with nothing and leaves it with nothing.”

The penny dropped. The man realized he had wasted away his whole life. He fell at Guru Sahib’s feet and cried, “Forgive me!”

Guru Nanak Dev Ji blessed him and told him the three rules all should live by:

1- Naam Japo (Recite the name of the Lord at all times)

2- Kirat Karo (Do an honest day’s work), Shako (Share your food with those around you.) …..

Courtesy: SA Focus, Thursday, November 22, 2007, Volume 1, Issue 33

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