A documentary on Sindh and Sindhi Life

A Sindhi attorney in Los Angeles is currently working on a small documentary through the Sindhi Association of Southern California which is to be presented at a Sindhi Sammelan/ conference this July in Los Angeles, and potentially posted online. She is interested in using pictures of Sindhi singers, Sindhi art, and Sindhi historical monuments.

The documentary will be an interview of 5-10 elder Sindhis who left Sindh as refugees during the 1947 partition. The idea is to document their journey and recognize their ability to re build their lives and retain their culture. This movie will be made only to document their lives for younger generations to have a glimpse of how Sindhi culture survives in their lives. (this is strictly a non profit- educational and cultural video).

April 10, 2009

5 thoughts on “A documentary on Sindh and Sindhi Life”

  1. although I am at senior citizen stage but still aware about great and pathetic stories described my parents specially my mom Late Chandra Gurbani .she was pious lady who sacrificed her life in welfare of scavengers, Many times even she used to give her food to these poor ladies who took night soil on their heads. During partition she all alone spent some days in Masjid with my three elder sisters. These unsung heroins are not even known by large community of our Sindhis.

  2. I am not a Sindhi by birth but am married in a Sindhi family.
    I would really like to watch this documentary and understand more about Sindhi culture and Sindh – the home land.

  3. I live in UK and am really looking forward to watching the documentary and learning about my culture

  4. Being a sociologist,I am offering my services for making any sindhi documentry film or various TV serial etc .Recently i have made few audio Albums of sindhi devotional music.If any body is intrested in it can have the same at nominal cost of CD and postage.

  5. sindhi language ,literature,art,culture,civilization.heritage music,bhagts ,dancese lada,loliyuoo etc are really very rich and soothing.unfortunetly most of things are disappearing from houses of sindhis. Indo -Pak partition has mde sindhis in scattered condition.i well remembered that my father Late Bherumal Pesumal Gurbani had practice of using secret trading language named Hatai or Hatkai which even not known by many sindhi intellectuals.Our forefathers were using it frequently.There are many such things like Bhagats /sindhi dances have rare things in eastern zone of India.sindhi festivels like Tijiri,Thadri,Gogro ,are not celebrated in large group of sindhi community.Therefore it is question of great concern. In words of fater of Sociology August Comte when there is any crisis in any community,there is need of social reconstruction.This is I feel .Dhruv Tanwani

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