Teachers of Sindh forced to beg

Teachers are forced to beg
by Kazi Khadim Hussain
The writer can be reached at kazikhadimhussain@yahoo.com
Courtesy: Daily Dawn, Karachi, Sindh, 5.4.2009
I was mortified reading a report in a local news paper that an action forum of junior teachers has been compelled to establish a begging camp at Fakir ka Pir, a very busy market place of Hyderabad city as they have not been disbursed salaries for the last seven month.

As per details Sindh government in different schools of the Hyderabad district had appointed 206 junior teachers. However despite the fact they have attended duties regularly, they have not been paid salaries and emoluments for the last seven months. Since these teachers come mostly from the poor strata of society having no other source of income therefore in these days of sky rocketing inflation are left with no other option then to come in the streets to established begging camp.
Few days ago a similar story appeared in a local daily, disclosing that primary teachers of far-flung desert town of Nangarparkar were too brought to almost begging as they were also not disbursed their pay for months. However they were saved from this humiliation by the companionate students who collected rupees 30 each and saved their benefactors from starving.
A Teacher is a builder of nation. All developed societies owe their progress to the hard work of their teachers. It is for this reason that in such advanced countries the class most respected is that of teacher who because of their exalted contribution not only get highest emoluments but also enjoy great respect as their leader. Although we were also taught that position a teacher enjoys next only to parents because of his role in transforming a child into a constructive and valuable citizen of society. But unfortunately it is this very dignified being that is relegated to a most degrading position: so much that he is not even paid for his labor.
I tend to agree with Qazi Bashir Ahmed “cops without salary” (March 19) that if only 50% of the allocations made on non-developmental expenditure spent on maintaining army of ministers etc are saved, such humiliating incidents of non-payment of salaries to the teachers could be avoided.
Finally I make an appeal to the Chief Minster and Education Minster Sindh direct the authorities concerned to release salaries to teachers at the earliest in order to save them from further humiliation and starvation.

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