Taliban and PML-N: Zia’s legacy

by Manzoor Chandio, Karachi, Sindh
The writer works in Daily Dawn and he can be reached at catalyst2pk@yahoo.com
Zia gave Pakistan brutal gifts of Taliban and Muslim League. Renowned writer and columnist Ms Ayesha Siddiqa has written a very informative article titled ‘Zia’s children’ in The News (April 5, 2009).
According to her, “the application of Sharia is extremely complex as it entails a stringent mechanism for evidence. For instance, a witness has to meet certain conditions.

The witness has to be one: (a) who has never been punished for any crime, (b) has always said all his prayers in time, (c) never urinated standing up, (d) never eaten from a market place, (e) never committed any major sin, (f) never committed any minor sin, and (g) never failed to carry out obligations prescribed by Quran and Sunnah.
She said “these conditions were so stringent that according to former Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah even he would not qualify to be a witness.
Zia’s Taliban children had definitely not fulfilled the Quranic guidelines while flogging the girl in Swat.
She said Zia left out Qisas and Diyat as part of his Islamic regulations on February 2 1979 and implemented laws about drinking, Zina (adultery), Zakat and usher, highway robbery, and theft.
Mard Momin Zia excluded murder from his Islamic laws because he wanted death for Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.
If there was Qisas and Diyat law in place, it would have been difficult for Zia to find a witness as per the Sharia conditions mentioned above. Such a law would not have allowed for Masood Mehmood to be an approver.
She said “Judges Tanzeel-ur-Rehman and Afzal Cheema who helped Zia cheat the entire country by bringing about amendments in the sharia law that suited the military dictator’s interests and allowed him not to pass the law on Qisas and Diyat as long as he was alive.
Mard Momin political child Nawaz Sharif finally passed Qisas and Diyat as a law to earn himself the crown of Amirul Momneen.
Manzoor Chandio
Blog: http://manzoorchandio.blogspot.com/

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