Beyond Sindh

worldby Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
Thanks to Gul Agha who posted the link of Beyond Sindh giving us the opportunity to have a glimpse of what is happening in the world of young Sindhi Diaspora. The link takes you to the web site of the print magazine “Beyond Sindh Magazine (BSM)”, which is published four times a year.

I admire Diaspora Sindhis for their commercial ingenuity as they combine business acumen to enrich their community. The very mission statement displayed on the Home Page tells you that the reader in for a treat. It says:
“With a mission to inform and inspire, Beyond Sindh magazine delivers the latest topics of interest to the Sindhi Diaspora of today. Covering our past, present and future, BSM is sure to satisfy your literary and cultural thirst!”
When you click “BSM Team”, you are dazzled with profiles of 19 young Sindhi boys and girls with impressive credentials and based in almost the same number of countries. But, alas! None in their land of roots – Sindh.

The price is sharp $8 (including $ 4 for shipping and handling) and you must pay via credit card if you are not living in Hong Kong. I assume $ 8 is in US Funds. The annual subscription for USA and Europe (with Airmail shipping) costs $ 52.

Finding no article about culture, history, poetry, and music of the root land of the Young Diaspora Sindhis in the current issue was rather disappointing. I hope the BSM team live up to their mission statement and include such articles in their future issues.

I am reproducing extracts from the abbreviated web copy of the cuurent issue for your preview. But, to really appreciate and learn about this unusual publication of oversees visit their site and subscribe to the magazine.

It will be really cool if young men and women from our community too subscribe to this magazine to help close the gap that last two older generations could not bridge with older Diaspora Sindhis.

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