17 year Girl beaten by Mullahs in SWAT Pakistan

by Ayaz Latif Palijo Advocate, Sindh
The writer can be reached at ayazlatif@gmail.com
Me, my family and 2 guests have just watched the video clippings on GEO TV in which three mullahs are beating and slashing a 17 years pashtoon girl in general public, she was awarded this punishment by shareeat court of SAWAT for alleged involvement in some minor non-cognizable crime.
After seeing her agony, helplessness, humiliation and hearing her painful cries almost everybody has tears in eyes, we have asked kids to leave the room. She is encircled by Taliban rulers of swat and a crowd of more than 2000 locals and no one dares to stop those terrorist Mullas. we are shocked

Click here to see the video of Guardian.co uk,  a girl beaten by Taliban in Sawat


49 thoughts on “17 year Girl beaten by Mullahs in SWAT Pakistan”

  1. Absolutely rubbish.. people and media started talking about this for days. Media shown this video for the full day..all channels. For God sake, think from your minds please… had someone did this with your love ones.. would you have preferred this to be shown on TV throughout the day??? Without even knowing that the video is a real one or not, political parties, TV channels and TV anchors took it as an oppurtunity to score high. One of our ethnic party staged protests against this incident but no one still knows if the video is original or not.

  2. Nida Iftikhar Advocate salam i like ur mail and im agree with u im asmara shk we are and we will inshallah they ve no rite to kill any one and they have no rite thanks
    GOD bless u n gv u all pleaures of life ameen nida

    1. thnnxx alot asmara for your appriciation and of ur kind duas.. Allah apko khush rakhai… remember in ur kind duas..

  3. salam
    Nizamuddin Afghan salam. Who are they and why they are trying to make a new country ever person .. to create private courts and etc and you should send advice but next time if u can send a good advice
    we R musLIMS we R SERVNTS OF GOD NOt of ppl
    thnks tc bye AH

  4. Finsh all the talibans. goverment is sleeping like drunken people , why the hell arn’t they responding to this it been tooo long.

  5. with due respect it will not b happen in Islamabad INshaAllah: we are muslims and have faith in Allah. if u cant support the ppl u must not hurt anyone’s feelings.. and this is not the right way to comment on each others saying.. we are one community we have to respect each of our comments..
    we were not sleeping and we will not sleep InshaAllah.. we are playing our part Alhamdulillah.. and we dont want to knw this type of shariah.. we knw the true shariah better then that ppl..

    1. every one can underssand the feeling of others.. but inspite of all the facts the real fact is that we are muslims and muslim cannot be an enemy of another human being.. this is all done to degrade Islam nothing esle.. God created us then devided us in groups so that we can differentiate ourselves from others.. it does not mean that we started such type of things.. hum sabko cahiye k hum muttahid ho jain.. or kabi kisi k azaim ko poora na honai dain jo islam k nam pe ho raha hay..
      please we should not criticise.. we must pray… we can deny the bad things lakin kisi ko nishana banaye bina..

  6. This is really not good which is done by taliban.
    its not humanity, really very shameful for all Pakistan.
    …… this is because of these narrow minded people agar yeh pak mein na aate tou kabi b humara PAK duniyan ki nazroon mein kharrab nain hota, just wanna kick these people out of my country.

  7. These are not Muslims as they are claiming to be. These people must be finished from this world. They dont remember that our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that not to hurt children and Women of even non Muslims. They don’t remember our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had spread Islam with love not with force. These people must be ashamed of their selves. They are not Muslim but cruel creatures. I think America is doing the right thing by killing such type of so called militants who are very cruel to mankind. I think these people who are not human beings must be finished from our country.

    1. you obviously don’t even know… attacked caravans and villages. He plundered their wealth. He enslaved men women and children. ..These things are found in all the early .. traditions and histories, written by.

      ..This is why these things happen. It will get worse. The Taliban and radicals are bringing back.. Welcome back to the 7th century.

  8. Great.
    this is what you people were doing in Afghanistan at the time of Taliban
    they are those people that you were sending to Afghanistan by the name of Taliban that is very pleasure ful that now you will face the result of what you have done with Afghanistan

    1. i have read comments, nothing else was expected from any other than what u have said. What ever Pakistan is facing is only due to Afghanistan people, and rest of this world is also facing problems because of Afghanistan. Soon that all will be back there in Afghanistan, just wait and see, we Pakistanis are not coward . we will stop this soon. And you have no right to say anything about any country, you ppl owe a lot to this world.

  9. Just saw the swat video… I am shocked…the establishment willingly are accepting this in here by allowing Taliban into Pakistan. This is all the establishment’s doing…. why did we not stop these people when they were pouring into NWFP from Afghanistan… Pakistan was not this bad with radical extermizim some years ago.. but since these started coming to our country we have suffered at their hands.. whether Karachi, Lahore or Peshawar… all our cities are gradually coming under their control… I think Muhsaraff was right with his treatment for these people.. there is no way you can negotiate anything with this barbarians…. they just need to be shot down..

      1. HAY THAT thing is very very good and it is justice and justified that no other girl could do such thing , only ten men of ISI are sufficient for the whole sheeps, its grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr8.

        1. This is shameful for the Pakistan govt and its security forces and there is no difference between Taliban and them. They all are working for the same purpose. There is no religion involved in these cases and their elders cannot even defend their points on this case according to any religion on this earth.
          People/civilians who are daily bombarded and killed in that area through air-strikes are not given this much publicity and attention on a broader scale however then they on the other hand let shoot such incidences and show to the whole world. Politics is on its verge but what about the innocent people who are being killed or are let alive to kill themselves of shame and anger, like this girl?
          Shame on establishment and on its very existence.

          1. Didi you saw in the video any ISI and PAK force or PAK government involved in this ACT?

            Chief Justice of Pakistan took action against it and asked to foreword girl in court.

            So No Pakistani official is involved in it.

        2. Why do you want to destroy afghanstan as your name implies? All the Afghani people are not guilty. You must differentiate between the good and the bad. Do not overgeneralize because there are some very good Afghanis, better than you or I who are underserved of your anger.

      2. Because of these admissions Afghanistan survived in Soviat WAR. otherwise there will not be a name of you and Afghanistan.

      3. No this beating is the shameful result of religious extremism and has nothing to do with the war in Afghanistan. Besides, the war in Afghanistan was brought on by the same religious extremists attacking the Americans on 9/11.

    1. hi ! you r absolutely right, . There should no negotiations, because no one can have an agreement with any wild animal….

  10. these talibaan needs to b remove from our land….we dont want these people,,,,,,,,,because of them we suffered alot…these r not human…infact they can never b muslim

  11. without a proper education a so called fundamental extremist will do this act again and again You can’t see those hidden wounds but we all swatians can feel the pain

  12. very
    shocking moment. no law no justice it is just ignorance and it is the fault of government not to have hold over a small number of taliban.a complete military and civil mission should be carried out by both government and public to eradicate taliban from the country

  13. It was really very shocked and painful to see a little girl in pain. I just want to ask that “is the law allow them to do like this”?? how they can do this cruel act to a human being?? By the authority of which law they slashed her up to 34 lashes???and the persons who caught her who are they.. are they her brothers or any Mehram relation?? there are many question to be asked.. but…
    It is really a shochking news..

    1. you will be more shock don’t worry when it happen in the capital now you must realized that we wished we didn’t organize taliban this is the product of agancy never blame others when all these were happening you people were sleeping why you didn’t shock at that time why you didn’t hear the voice of those people but viz vesa you were suppoting Taliban that great it law and Sharriah
      now you will understand this is law and Sharriah

      1. sahib, this is not going to happen to Islamabad anyways. These are those people/civilians who are not considered the citizens of Pakistan and are garaged like this. These areas are only there for Pakistan to use them for their political purposes and slaughter their people like animals for the benefits of Islamabad. These Taliban are trained army men who performed their duties in Afghanistan and now they are doing their duty in Swat and border areas.

      2. ,,,,, ????? u dont have any right to point finger on Pakistan or any country of this world…………coz you are being fed with our leftover.

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