17 year Girl beaten by Mullahs in SWAT Pakistan

by Ayaz Latif Palijo Advocate, Sindh
The writer can be reached at ayazlatif@gmail.com
Me, my family and 2 guests have just watched the video clippings on GEO TV in which three mullahs are beating and slashing a 17 years pashtoon girl in general public, she was awarded this punishment by shareeat court of SAWAT for alleged involvement in some minor non-cognizable crime.
After seeing her agony, helplessness, humiliation and hearing her painful cries almost everybody has tears in eyes, we have asked kids to leave the room. She is encircled by Taliban rulers of swat and a crowd of more than 2000 locals and no one dares to stop those terrorist Mullas. we are shocked

Click here to see the video of Guardian.co uk,  a girl beaten by Taliban in Sawat


49 thoughts on “17 year Girl beaten by Mullahs in SWAT Pakistan”

  1. one short and simple note ………………… this video is fake because if one get beaten by a slight (whatever it is called ) beat of “kora” that person can barely get up and look at this girl or boy (Whoever she is ) she’s walking like no one has even touched her …………………. is she a daughter of hercules or thor lol cant even feel the kora lmao …………..wake up guys ,,, our belives and faith isnt that weak so that we need to watch these kina crapy stuffs to belive in our religion and for that person who has uploaded this video ..puh lease ! stop uploading stupid things because no one is as stupid as you are 🙂 and i fully agree with SYED IFTIKHAR thumps up for you bro ! REGARDS

  2. In my opinion they are not muslims.
    Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) tried to avoid listning the sin of one person.
    In this difficult time we must care for Islamic Diplomacy.
    What are the final results ?? Religion is for human being and definetly Islam is for all human being.
    Exposing the Islamic punishment in a wrong way is not giving any benifit to Islam rather destroying the immage of Islam.

    Talibans are ok in love with Islam but they must understand the situation…..
    One Shariat court decision put the whole muslims in trouble ….

    This is not Islam
    I am sure ALLAH is not happy with the Sharyat court Schlor who made this decision ….. and the persons who had beaten the girl must be beaten by the same girl so that in future no one can make a joke of Islam.

    Thousands of persons who can be muslims …but after viewing this video they consider Islam as a bad religion.

    and I want to tell one important thing ….. they are not Muslims ….they are from one of neighbouring country ….. Spy and agents …. on a mission of destroying the image of Islam and Pakistan.

    Please think
    No one gave these types of punishments in the last many ceturies then why now ????
    Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) gave the punishment but the circumstances were different and it was with concent and for big crime like Zina …..

  3. Do we muslim need Americans to come to pakistan land and rescue the innocents…? Dont you think pakistanis are enough to suppress this acts of taliban.

    Wake up Pakistani Wake up… Before Pakistan becomes ..pakistan.

  4. Islamic people need to take back their religion somehow from the extremists. It is possible for the world to live in peace, but only when the Islamic extremists are defeated. This is an extremely difficult task, not sure how we can do it. One way is for the normal Muslims to denounce and repudiate Islamic extremists on a consistant basis. Another is through education. It is very difficult because good Muslims are being unfairly tarnished by the bad Muslims.

  5. as i heard abt this i grately shocked to listen but i think its not related to pakistan some abroad countries want to disgrace so they make prpogaanda,

  6. i m of the opinion that her crime is not proved yet.. wo bahir zaroor gaye kon kehta hay k us ne Zina commit kia hay.. phir Zina bil jabar ya zina bir Raza ki bat ati hay.. or jab tak kisi ka jurm sabit na ho jae usko saza nahi di ja sakti.. Hadd ki saza zina k case main hogi(100 lashes) ager 4 gawah laye jate hain this is the criteria for hadd.. jo usko saza mili hay wo yaqeenan tazeeri saza hai.. ya phir hum ko Siyasa punishment keh sakte hai jo Hakim al Waqt deta hay.. lakin khuch b kerne se pehle us ka jurm sabit kerna hoga..
    hamain bus islmam ko samajne ki dair hay..

  7. My second openion. This incident happened in SAWAT, they hav their culture their believe and tradation (So called sharia) not in fully true shape but they trying for it and working for it( if so) Else ALLAH know their intention and desire. The girl is not alone,she has family and relatives. If her parents and belognings are not worry wiht this( hav any one find her family complaints about this incident) then why we are interfaring in others family matters do you allow others to interfafre in your family matters.
    How many of us react or stop or raise voice when hindo;s and even muslum too murder their baby girl or abort their unborn babay girl after finding her gendor before birth. We live in Global age if they have the right to address our internal issues then why we are so coward to interfare their internal issues..Why we are boot lickers like our leaders. because we are currupt inside too like our leaders but we show that none then other is pure MUSLUM/Human except My SELF(ME). MUNFIAQT yehi tu hay muan/zuban say muslman kartot/kam say KAFIR.
    And if the girl commet a sin ZINA then this is the punishment for ZINA in sharia(if they claimed they are follwoing the sharia) then no one right to argu beside any one who can proove dat they r not impelenting sharia.. or using sharia…humara masla yeh hay key SACH ko parkhna..
    As a muslum we know the punishment for ZINA is rijm( if married) to death by stonning and dooray/koray( if virgin/unmarried) 100-80 regarding gendor, read SURAH NOOR first 10-15 ayat. if u read then you will find how ISLAM treat sex relation(zina).
    So if any MUSLUM wana do then keep in mind may be you not get punished in this world but after death be ready to face waht u do.(No sharia law is implemented here in our so caleed ISLAMIC Democratic Country or any other place in this wolrd with its true form and if some region try then world says its brutul its unhuman..Who give them right to tell us that ISLAM is barbarian religion..go and ask any knowledge able christian, hindu, jew or any other religion which claims holly,, ask them wht is the punishment for ZINA..which religion allow ZINA (except lusty desire full HUMAN made ).
    ZINA incluses in those SINFULL act in ISLAM, the particepant(doing one) not concider MUSLUM while doing it( other is KILLING innocent).
    IN hadith also we find several incidents of people who done this sin then realize and ask for punishment.
    mind it ZINA and ZINA biljabber(rape) are two dfferent things..

    And if they are beaten the girl with other obligation then this is not allowed in ISLAM. So its the responsiblty of the media that bring the real picture instead of earning money..
    these channles are not wellwisher of the girl or us..this GIRL or other shocking news are they way for them to earn money.. calculare how many people give their view on this incident live by SMS or calls..and they charge RS-5 plus tax..and if one lakh people SMS them how much they get…every thing is commercial here u find sympathy only when u r a profit or value..else u r alone in ur pain … they need a shocking news to attent people for getting their money in thier volet …

    1. your response is not correct. The people of the Swat valley indeed have as you put it a culture but it has been invaded and destroyed by Taliban religious extremists. Unfortunately misguided individuals such as yourself are making it easy for the Islamic extremists to operate.

  8. aisay log jinhu ne 1 masoom larki per itna bara zulm kia unko sakht se sakht saza deni chahiye
    ye log bahot bare lanti hain
    un per her waqt khuda ki lanut parhti rhe gi
    meri dua hy k aisay log jald se jald tabah o barbad ho jaen

  9. i wana know. How many women r brutly killed in daroon attackes, burn their faces throug acids, raped since this SAWAT incidense happend. Why this girl get famed becoz of filming through mobile. Then i guess each raaped gilr, daed women, or burnt face lady need a person who shoot her video for the unconcious ness world to take notice. Else wvery women is safe here from you and me.

    1. What is your point? That the world should not know of this poor girl’s suffering? It is good that we see the truth of the evil nature of Islamic religious extremists so that we can understand and repudiate them, certainly not defend it as you seem to be doing. This is a shameful crime that has been committed upon this young woman.

  10. me and my family shocked by watching this shameful video , i am pushton and we all believe that no any muslim can do like that , if really it was done by taliban , then nothing to say but shame for taliban and more for pushton.

  11. adn friends i want to tell you somthig these are no TALIBAN
    I know better then any one

  12. The Taliban leaders has now taken the responsibility of the Manawan Bomb blast and Chakwal Bomb Blast.. so this is possible that the thay can do any sort of thing in Pakistan including the matter of Beating a Girl… we can expect anything from them.. Allah Kareem.. God bless Pakistan.. Amin

    1. If they can do anything, does this mean that anyone can do worst possible thing and put that on to Talibans? does this make sense? Actually most of us have lost senses. We don’t see from our own eyes, we see from our media and our so called leader’s eyes. With all my dislikeness to Zardari, I have sympathies with him that he is being pressurized in such a way that he is bound to break the Swat agreement. My prays to the country and poor media and politicians that God may give them senses and pain for the nation in their hearts.


      1. why are you acting defensive. This is an inexcusable act committed by these extremists. There can be no defense of these people.

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