An other declaration of war against Pashtun/Afghan

by Zar Ali Khan Musazai
I try my best to forget the shocking news of a misery in mean time other engulfs me,( Khushal Khan baba)
Pashtun nation once again bled by the hands of terrorists who committed suicide attack on a mosque in Jamrud, Khyber Agency FATA in which more than 100 innocent Pashtun martyred while more than 150 were serious wounded. This is an other declaration of war against Pashtun nation when their worship place was attacked after the explosion at the shrine of great Pashtun/Afghan poet Rehman baba which was targeted by the terrorists few days ago. Pashtuns’ blood has turned cheaper than water in the area administered by the Pakistan.

The terrorist attack at the mosque in Jamrud, FATA happened at a time when the American President Obama was preparing to announce a new Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy. This is not unclear these days as to who are the masters minds behind these militants who commit such heinous crimes against Pashtun and only Pashtun in their thinking are the bad people. It is inhuman and a declaration of war against this nation. Americans claim that they spent more than 14 billion of dollars to eradicate terrorism from the region but one wonders to see that today terrorist activities have further increased. What this drama is with Pashtun from both sides of Americans and Pakistan. Both have sworn to keep continued the genocide of Pashtun which is inhuman and against the international law. We are above all human beings and we have also right to live on this planet. Obama speech against eradication of terrorism from region is a welcome step but who will make him understand that as to who are behind the genocide of Pashtun? New york times and almost all American and foreign newspapers frequently write about the sources and promoters of terrorism but it seems that Americans including Mr .Obama has closed eyes over the facts and now Pashtun are realizing that those who have become champions to erase terrorism from the world either do not understand the situations realistically or are afraid of the terrorists and their mentors. Obama has changed his way from Peshawar to Russia for supply of the goods for NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan due to fear of the militants who torch their trucks and bomb them at roads. Are Americans and NATO allies are weak to the extent that they can not protect their own vehicles and what to say that they will protect Pashtun from the terrorism of the terrorists and the wrath of their mentors who have been using them against Pashtun who are afraid that one day may be Pashtun revolt and demand for their historic home Afghanistan. But one should be clear enough that if such brutalities against Pashtun continue then the journey which is meant for years will come to an end in few moments and days. International community should open eyes in favor of Pashtun nation which the failed state of Pakistan has been using for the ulterior motives which for it is not possible to achieve. Mere declaration of war against terrorism is not enough. This is an eye wash and will be unable to yield positive results. Pashtun will be bleeding and international community will be mere spectator. Pashtun once again demand of the Secretary General UN, President Obama, European Union, OIC, African Union, SAARC, ASEAN, Human Rights bodies around the world to raise the issue of the genocide of Pashtun nation in Pakistan by the militants and their known mentors who are well known for the bloody game on the name of cult and religion and who are unable to provide youth job opportunities , ease the life of people, minimize the miseries and provide cheaper food to the citizens rather put them to death by the terrorists and in some cases commit this crime themselves which the world knows well.

Written by

Zar Ali Khan Musazai


Pashtun Democratic Council

3 thoughts on “An other declaration of war against Pashtun/Afghan”

  1. …sab pakistani hain..kisi ka intekal ho chahe gawader may…chahe karachi may…quatta…mardan..tank…lahore..multan …mari …dera bugti…sawat….peshawar…sab pakistani hain…NWFP may kis ki GOVT hai…kisi aur language ka hai….jab NWFP Govt ka apna 1 wazir mara tu foran Agreement hogya ..1000s of childeerns,womens,mens were killed…lakin jab kehte rahe …war against reeorism..chalti rahe gi…lakin jab unki khud ki bari ai tu ……ye double standards sirf awam k liye hia..aur ye in afhganiyo ne hame kiya diya hai…jab se afgn war chal erahi hai…lakhon afghan naswar k saath pak may reh rhe hain lakin inko koi kuch kehne wala nahi ahai aur apas may…tu pakhtu ..mahajir,sindhi.punjabi baloch…

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