What Chater of Democracy says;

by Manzoor Chandio, Karachi, Sindh
The writer works in daily dawn, Karachi and he can be reached at catalyst2pk@yahoo.com
Blog: http://manzoorchandio.blogspot.com/
..Chauvinists with the religious obscurantists is not new phenomenon for Sindhis. From the Pakistan Resolution (1940 Resolution) to the Charter of Democracy, they have routinely flouted making Pakistan a constitutional democracy.
They have always cheated the Sindh, killed Sindhi leaders and looted the resources.. in the name of Pakistan and Islam. The Pakistan Resolution envisaged “sovereign” and “autonomous” states in Pakistan. Sixty years on, we have yet to see “sovereign” and “autonomous” Sindh. How the .. PML-N chauvinists .. recently threw the Charter of Democracy into a dustbin and started blackmailing the PPP government.

First of all Nawaz Sharif ran away from the ARD which signed the charter and joined the APDM. Then he started delay-delaying acts in the name of lawyers’ movement and wanted a PCO judge reinstalled as the chief justice..
-The Charter of Democracy (CoD) says: The undersigning parties would unite the federation.
*Nawaz Sharif disunited the federation while joining the old IJI friends of Hamid Gul and Qazi Hussain Ahmed.
-The CoD says: The parties will promote democracy and respect each others’ mandate.
*The PML-N first indulged in horse trading and made a forward bloc out of PML-Q to show the PPP that they don’t need its support to run Punjab govt and then started long march on Islamabad to remove the PPP govt.
-The CoD says: They will strive for ideologically tolerant federation
*The PML-N (mullahs without beard) sit in the lap of JI.
-The CoD says: There will be no discrimination against federating units. Parties will work towards the decentralization and devolution of power, maximum provincial autonomy, the empowerment of the people at the grassroots level.
*The PML-N rejected PPP’s constitutional package calling for decentralisation and devolution of power and maximum provincial autonomy.
-The CoD recommendations for appointment of judges to superior judiciary shall be formulated through a commission, which shall comprise of the following: i. The chairman shall be a chief justice, who has never previously taken oath under the PCO.
*The PML-N never cooperated with the PPP government and stuck to the point of reinstating a PCO judge as the chief justice.
-The CoD says: A Federal Constitutional Court will be set up to resolve constitutional issues, giving equal representation to each of the federating units, whose members may be judges or persons qualified to be judges of the Supreme Court, constituted for a six-year period.
*The PML-N parried this point because if this is implemented there will be only two from Punjab while six judges will from smaller provinces.
-The CoD says: The Concurrent List in the Constitution will be abolished. A new NFC award will be announced.
*The PML-N never cooperated on this point and rejected PPP’s constitutional package and brought their own bill which does not talk about the abolishment of the Concurrent List.
-The CoD says: Truth and Reconciliation Commission be established to acknowledge victims of torture, imprisonment, state-sponsored persecution, targeted legislation, and politically motivated accountability. The commission will also examine and report its findings on military coups and civil removals of governments from 1996.
*The PML-N chauvinists have forget about this. They want continuation of their control of Pakistan.
-The CoD says: We will respect the electoral mandate of representative governments that accepts the due role of the opposition and declare neither shall undermine each other through extra constitutional ways.
*The PML-N opted for long marches to destabilize the coalition government.
-The CoD says: We shall not join a military regime or any military sponsored government. No party shall solicit the support of military to come into power or to dislodge a democratic government.
*The PML-N leaders not only solicited military support but also that of the USA and the UK to pressurize the PPP government to reinstall a PCO judge as the chief justice.
-The CoD says: National Democracy Commission shall be established to promote and develop a democratic culture in the country and provide assistance to political parties for capacity building on the basis of their seats in parliament in a transparent manner.
*The PML-N opted for politics of blackmailing and long marches as military can overthrow a democratic government.
-The CoD says: Terrorism and militancy are by-products of military dictatorship, negation of democracy, are strongly condemned, and will be vigorously confronted.
*The PML-N joined Hamid Gul who is the main culprit behind obscurantism in the country. Mullahs are fighting against democracy and brought country on the verge of collapse.
-The CoD says: Parties will not indulge in media trial of each other.
*The PML-N obtained services of some paid journalists to start media trial of President Zardari and the PPP government.

Without any doubt the PML-N chauvinists have emerged a great threat for the country. Sooner or later, Sindh has to get rid of these chauvinists and obscurantist. PML-N is chauvinist and obscurantist and the Sindh of democracy-loving people and Balochistan of the freedom-loving people can’t co-exit.

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