Holi and Rangapanchami function in Hyderabad, Sindh, attended by thousands of Sindhi Hindus

by Bhagwandas Advocate, Hyderabad, Sindh
Last night was a memorable night for me. There was a Holi and Rangapanchami function in Hyderabad, Sindh. It was
attended by thousands of Sindhi Hindus of different parts of Sindh. It was presided by Madam Sayeda Shahla Raza speaker Sindh Assembly and chief Guest was Ayaz Latif Palijo advocate and guests of honor were Dr Dolat Ram, from Manchester, Dr Versi Mal, Ramesh Kumar Gupta, Advocate General Sindh Yousif Leghari and Naz Sahto of KTN.
Believe me I can not express my feelings about one breathtaking speech. When Advocate Ayaz Latif Palijo came everything changed. He said like all Jews, Muslims and Christians there are two types of  Hindoos those who are considering them shudh and everybody else as neech and shooder,.. running after permits, contracts and licenses of liquor shops, flourmills and fertilizer agencies, least about their collective rights and future of their motherland. But there is another class of Sindhi Hindus, the true sons and daughters of this soil. The followers of the mystic and cultural values of Mohan Jo Daro, Bhnabhoor and Kot Deji, of Shah Latif and Sachal and of Kanwar Bhagat, Jeevni Bai, Bhagat Kabeer, Meera Bai, Bhagwanti Nanwani, Kamla Keswani,Kaan Motihar, and Saami, the admirers of writings and courage of A J Uttam, Popti Heeranandani, Mohan Kalapna, Haree Dilgeer, Kirat Babani, Sundir, Susheela Mahtani, Narayen Shyam, Ashok Motwani, Veena Shringi, Heero Thakar,Dayal Motwani, Laxman Koomal, Perso Gaidwani, Ghanshyam Prakash, Ramesh Kuteja and Gobind Malhi, those who fought against British imperialism in the shape of Rooplo Kolhi and Hemon Kalani. He said they are continuity of those protectors and vanguards of their soil who defended their county like Raja Daahir.

Forty years old Human Rights lawyer Ayaz Palijo accused extremists, waderas and tribal heads who have been facilitating the forced conversion of Hindo girls and said that its the duty of liberal and democratic Sindhis and
Pakistanis to protect their sisters. He accused the ruling classes of acting against national interests of Sindh and Pakistan just to remain in power. He said there are two Pakistan exiting within the country, one for ruling classes and other for four oppressed nations. One is flourishing with bumper cotton crops, motorways, basant melaas and over flooding canals and other Pakistan is dying at the hands of hunger, poverty and suicides, Ayaz Palijo said that article 25 and 36 of the Constitution of Pakistan guarantee the equal rights of all citizens and Islam also says, “Laa Ikraah Fee Deen”, therefore this mammoth crowd warns those have been involved in atrocities against SIndhis and makes a promise to the aggrieved that every agony and every drop of their blood will be accounted for. He demanded from Sindhi hindus not to migrate and said Pakistan is our country and we the 17 crore Pakistani are equal shareholders in all resources and rights. Quoting the stanzas of Shaikh Ayaz, Faraz, Latif Saeen and Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Ayaz
Latif Palijo said our rulers have been showing their solidarity with victims of Gaza, Chechnya, Beirut and Bosnia, but their lips and tongues are silent on the massacre of Balochistan, Wazirustan, Sawat and Sindh..
During his historical speech thousand of Sindhi Hindus became emotional and started raising slogans. He said the old rivals like French, German, Greeks and Dutch are freely visiting each other, Indian and Pakistani leaders
from Punjab are walking hand in hand in Lahore and Amartsar but A J Uttam, Popti Heeranandani, Mohan Kalapna, Bhagwanti Nanwani and Gobind Malhi were not even allowed to see and touch the grounds of their ancestral villages
in Sindh and one can imagine the depressed condition of Narain Shayam when he said:

Allai kahree gharee shyam un maN niktaseeN… watan waran ta cha sarhad disan naseeb na thee
Ayaz Latif condemned the role of zaat paat and said the time has come when Sindhi hindoos should get rid of caste
based system and Bheels, Kolhees, Menghwars and Baagris should be given the equal opportunities in the fields
of education, health and right of choice.
He said while our waderas and sardars are busy in exchanging permits, plots, prostitutes and prados, the
corrupt rulers, bureaucrats and terrorists are destroying already wounded Sindh, Balochistan and Seraiki belt, economically, geographically and socially. He praised the resored Chief Justice and demanded that the apex Court, PPP and PMLN should play their role for ending
the atrocities and discrimination to minorities. He said in Qaud’s Pakistan there should be no place for discrimination and the time has come when Sindhi
Hindus should use their vote sensibly and ask their so-called elected representative that why don’t they speak up against the atrocities committed to minorities. He asked hindu businessmen to establish boys and girls hostels
for Hindoo students in Hyderabad, Sukkur and Mirpurkhas. In the end referring to upper class seths and ministers when Ayaz recited Shah Latif that:
Kooro tooN kufar seeN, kaafar ma kothai,
Hindu had ma aheeneN janio to na jugai,
Tilk tineeN khey lae, sacha je shirk seeN.
he received a standing ovation and overall jubilation, the last speaker said that after Ayaz ‘s thought provoking speech she is unable to speak and she endorses all points raise by Mr. Palijo. In the end me and hundreds of others were wondering that his Holi function can be a new beginning for all of us.

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