So called patriots, G..TV, Punjab card, and Nawaz Shairf Saheb

by Hameed Diplai
It’s difficult to understand that why some people don’t have problem? and why they keep silence when Nawaz Sharif Saheb play Punjab Card and chant the slogan “JAG PANJABI JAG“??
After assassination of PML (Q) played Punjab Card widely in its relief advertisements but no people raise his/her voice against Punjab Card but when some body ask in favor of Sindh, so-called patriots wake up and start criticizing and ridiculing.
I believe that media is sole responsible to aware people about the facts and unfold what is going behind curtain but it does not mean to be a party. I am agreed with the opinion that G.. TV has played a negative role in entire scenario and responsibility to exaggerate the situation lies on the shoulders of G.. team. G.. is working as an agent. G.. management should review the policy and avoid becoming a political party.

Mar 21, 2009

Source:  Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups

2 thoughts on “So called patriots, G..TV, Punjab card, and Nawaz Shairf Saheb”

  1. We struggled for independent judiciary and media. I am sorry to say shame on Geo who become a party. Geo sold for very cheap price. It is yellow journalism. I fully support this that Geo is a so called patriotic chanel this is bad luck for Pakistan again that this country have such kind of media who sold themselves for one party.

  2. well u people play sindh card, pokthoon khwa card, baloch card all the time,whats wrong if he played for once punjab card?go can gol,we will see how you survive x

    every one knows how much wealth and oil pakthoonastan have and sindh have,and when u go,take MQM with u x

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