Thousands of Sindhis lost jobs when Mr. Nawaz Sharif became Prime Minister twice before!

History Repeats itself – Zardari fifth Sindhi target of Nawaz
by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
…No where in the article it says Mr. Zardari and Pir Pagaro are great leaders just because they are Sindhis. The gist of the article is that Mr. Nawaz Sharif and his supporters do not play “politics” by fair rules and have a history of trying to conspire against Sindhi leaders and Sindhis. Remember how many thousands of Sindhis lost jobs when Mr. Nawaz Sharif became Prime Minister twice before!
…Those who like the politics of Mr. Nawaz Sharif or for that matter of fact any one else must do research on what things Mr. Sharif (or others) did for Sindhis and share that information in discussions…

Opinion- Why Sindh is not part of celebrations of Nawaz sharif revolution?- by K.M. Kolachi


Nawaz Sharif is against Mushrraf and was not ready even to talk and compromise with him. He wanted Mushraf to be ousted at earliest but Mr Nawaz Sharif could not manage such long march during the tenure of Mushraf. In my view this long march was made successful by hidden forces to convey message to USA that Zaradari has no free hand and can be made under pressure any time. In the situation when March appeared to be getting forceful USA came to compromise by accepting Chief Justice .This is not first time that USA has compromised to keep Pakistan as partner in war on terrorism. Before this unaccounted supply of money, recent favor to help Pakistan in getting loan from IMF and also soft attitude on the time of recent dispute between India and Pakistan are more examples of compromise by USA.

Although there is no declaration of any agreement but the indication in press are very clear that matter of Chief Justice was resolved as result of an agreement whereby chief justice will not touch missing peoples issues. In this way the interests of Zardari and USA has been taken care of. On the other hand when Chief Justice has accepted some conditions how he will be able to retain his title of totally neutral. In my view it was play between the strong lobbies within boundry and each of them know their limits.

Pakistani press, anti Sindhi elements and establishment has been making propaganda against Sindhis and has always been considering them hurdle. As result of long propaganda Punjabi and Urdu speaking brothers have same approach for Sindhis. Since Bhutto was Sindhi and peoples party is some times hurdle being united platform of majority Sindhis every one who will be in better position in PPP may it be Zardari or other will be criticized by those lobbies. As result of that propaganda it has become fashion to talk against Zardari. We want him to take all decisions on merit ignoring the powerful factor in country and international forces. The article of Dr. Manzoor Aijaz few days ago on Zardari also seems to be under same approach and fashion and this too has been focused on limited areas under specific purpose. As referred in article that it was political wisdom of Nawaz Sharif that he came to lead the issue. Look at his wisdom in recent past when he two times decided to boycott elections. Once BiBi and other time Zardari convinced him to change the decisions. Where he had been politically if he had boycotted the election.

March 20, 2009

Who am I? by Amar Jalil

amarjalil– Sarfraz Memon
Amar Jalil’s Sindhi article has now been translated into Punjabi that I am reproducing below (available at I always believe that a high quality literature has no language boundaries.

Who am I? امر جلیل: دسو میں کون آں؟

To read in the Punjabi, Click the link:

How long will Pakistan’s army chief sit on sidelines?

How long will Pakistan’s army chief sit on sidelines?
by Rick Westhead
March 19th, 2009
Courtesy and Thanks:

NEW DELHI – Here’s what diplomats across much of the Western world know about Gen. Ashfaq Kayani, arguably Pakistan’s most important public figure: he’s a plain-talking and dour chain-smoker with a fondness for golf who started his military career in 1971 as a lowly infantryman. But this is what many are now anxious to find out about the reclusive 56-year-old: how long will he be content to sit on the sidelines, observing the uneasy peace agreed on this week between humbled Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and opposition leader Nawaz Sharif, Zardari’s arch-nemesis?

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by Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan, Karachi, Sindh
A letter was published entitled ”An open letter to Mr Zardari” in Daily Dawn dated 19 May, 2008, indicating danger of stubbornness and inflexibility from a circle of courtiers encircled around him who will not provide a good source of advices but only misguidance, insanity and illadvices to serve their own vested interests.The same thing happened and atlast they depressed Mr. Zardari and became a bad source for his besiege and degradation. At last sanity prevailed and a good decision for the restoration of the Chief Justice of Pakistan was taken in the early hours of 16th March 2009


Pakistan’s Zardari Isolated and under Pressure

Courtesy and Thanks: The Irish Times, March 20, 2009
Many within the ruling party fear the president will leave the country politically adrift after the recent crisis, writes PAMELA CONSTABLEin Islamabad
PAKISTAN’S RULING party, which narrowly survived a meltdown this week in the face of massive street demonstrations, is working to regroup and regain credibility despite the weakened position of its top leader, President Asif Ali Zardari. Many Pakistanis hope Zardari, who was forced to capitulate to a coalition of opponents on Monday and reinstate a group of deposed senior judges, will rise above his personal defeat and reach out to forge a permanent reconciliation, especially with his arch-rival, ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

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Reinstatement of Judges- vigilance is required

by Saifullah Shaikh,
This is really good analysis,and overall I agree(at personal level),and in my opinion there is no need for celebrations which is premature act—Time will tell us and indicate more about this so-called independent judicial system(INCLUDING RECENT EVENT of restoration of Judges).Yes,this is true that Right Wing parties (WHO ARE PRODUCTS OF MARTIAL LAW OF ZIA REGIME)who have damaged Democracy always—are now celebrating their first success and have proved once again supremacy/upper hand of Punjab dominance in Pakistan? particularly after assassination of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto!.Considering all factors/players involved in Pakistan politics(domestic and internationally) in my best judgment this so called victory of lawyers movement will be short-lived and same politicians particularly from Punjab will create a huge resistance against struggle of provincial autonomy and other national Rights of small provinces.Also we will closely watch the role of present/future Supreme courts(including their composition) in Pakistan and their likely decisions in regard to Rights of small provinces. Again, in my opinion it is still too early to celebrate for Sindhis because sooner or later we may come across another wave of political turmoil/turbulence in the country with involvement of new faces of JI, TI and other products of Martial law like Shareef brothers and so called Sindhi nationalist elements inside Sindh- –therefore extreme vigilance is required here as PAST indicates only disasters in Pakistan politics and who controlled that Past?? Without any doubt,same elements as mentioned above.

Reinstatement of Judges- To discuss ourselves our misgivings

by Kausar Skhan,
It would help if share analysis, Just saying Punjab has won is a mere statement which is not backed by any reasoning… yes Sharif brothers have won (or PML N has won) because their case will be revisited. Period. Just because they supported the lawyers and the lawyer’s won, does not mean Punjab has won. The lawyers’ movement cut across all provincial, religious and gender differences. They rose as one profession for one cause. I fail to see how we can leap to the conclusion that Punjab has won. If the deadlock had continued, and army stepped in then YES Pakistan would have lost. Now, Pakistan has won. Having said my two bit, I would like to clarify that we need to discuss among ourselves our misgivings , our perceptions and analysis. They are all very important.

Uncivilized Indians?

BAD MANNERS – The idea of India versus the idea of Pakistan
March 19th, 2009
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During the Jaipur Literary Festival in 2009, Pakistani writers experienced a special kind of Indian incivility. Both in casual conversation and in formal question-and-answer sessions, they were asked if they thought that Pakistan was a good idea, the implication being that it wasn’t. Mohammed Hanif, the author of a wonderful satirical novel about Zia’s Pakistan, A Case of Exploding Mangoes, responded to a variation on this question by saying, patiently, that debating the virtue of Pakistan’s founding idea was less important than coming to terms with the fact that Pakistan was a real country that had to be reckoned with.

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