A Sindhi Shaam was held in Washington, DC

Report by Iqbal Tareen
March 18, 2009
A Sindhi Shaam was held in memory of Shaikh Ayaz and Tajal Bewas by Washington DC community on March 7, 2009.
This event was hosted by Iqbal and Nasreen Tareen at their residence in Herndon, Virginia on March 7, 2009. The special guests who lead the event were Hidayat Baloch and Jami Chandio. Hidayat Baloch made last minute changes in his international travel plans to fly to Washington,
DC from Houston, TX. It was a very informal and an open session. It took us back to the roots and reminded us of sixties when the series of Sindhi Shaam events had triggered a Sindh Rights Renaissance movement. A whole new breed of Sindhi poets, writers, thinkers, and
activists were introduced and inspired by these igniting events. As a matter of fact the Sindhi Shaam was a catalyst and fuel that energized Sindh Sovereignty movement. Kudos to SuhRin and Tariq Ashraf also for
providing the platform. Sindhi Shaam was a new phenomenon, which took a sharp departure from a traditional Sindhi literature of “Gul and Bulbul” to Mitti, Motherland, Hari, and Mazdoor.
Those who enriched this event with their presence and participation were: Nafisa Hoodbhoy, Nasreen Hashmani, Razia Memon, Ali Nawaz Memon, Dr. Badar Shaikh, Hanif Sangi, Jawaid Bhutto, Sarfraz Memon, Shafik Siddiki
Sikandar Baloch, Atif Chandio (Opened the session with a beautiful recital of poetry)and Milo Tareen.

Special thanks to Nasreen Tareen for preparing and serving delicious food and taking good care of all guests. We missed all those friends who could not make it to this event.
Part-I of the video covering this session is posted on Youtube. Please click on the following link to watch this video. Additional episodes will be posted as soon as their production is completed.
http://www.YouTube. com/results? search_type= &search_query= iqbal+tareen& aq=f

One thought on “A Sindhi Shaam was held in Washington, DC”

  1. as a sindhi i must suggest my nation to be unite no dought in that we were and we are a rich and popular nation of the world . but after all we are back but as a student i have noticed that for our distruction the main cause is we our selves .

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