Are Sindhis, Blochis & Pashtuns Third Grade Citizens of Pakistan?

by Mohammad Mataro Hingorjo, Final Year MBBS, LUMHS, Jamshoro, Sindh

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Some days back, Pakistan was in chaos, because the real public of Pakistan was on roads, government authorities refused to control them, government, military and America bent before the ocean of people of Pakistan finally we got the decision which was desired by the all first, second and third grade citizens of Pakistan.
When you will watch Geo TV, it is continuously thanking the various forces like military, government and America for the honour which they have paid to the people of Pakistan, majority of justice loving citizens were form Punjab, I remember the days like 12th may,18th October and so many other days when there were the huge crowds of people even two fold than the last two days gatherings, they were not honoured but they were bathed with blood by the same Establishment which is too much polite today, i don’t find the reason except they (Sindhis, Balochis, Pashtuns) are third grade citizens not so heavier as the current were, nobody of them was the relative of any personnel of Establishment.
So establishment troops were free of any hesitation to fire at any body who comes in the way of their guns’ barrels, we (Sindhis, Blochis & Pashtuns) are the third grade citizens, we need to suicide or stand up for the gross route revolution.

2 thoughts on “Are Sindhis, Blochis & Pashtuns Third Grade Citizens of Pakistan?”

  1. well seroiusly the rights of balochis are badly refuesd by pak goverment,goverment should take them to all fields of life education,so tht they can improve their life standard,so they vcan lead in society with their heads up,ant not pashtuns and balochis are third degree citizn,they gave their bolld to pak to nourish this land.all people who undrestand that they are,then they should study the history of pashtuns and balochis

  2. Yes in all govt organizations other communities SPECIALLY SINDHIS BALUCHs are treated like dalits ashouts(3rd class citizens) even worse than them Even now days Sui people, interior sindh people have no access to Gas but in Central Punjab factories, chimnies bhathas are being run on Sui’s, sindh’s Gas, The coastal is at the borders of Sindh and Baluchistan but academies are at risalpur, sargodha(Central Punjab), Navy Head quarter is at Islamabad 90% army(all forces rangers, navy airforce, army, IB, ISI) from Central Punjab. 80% of civil bureaucracy is from Central Punjab but they have only 30% population share & around 20% resources share in Pakistan but they are enjoying 90% sahre of innocent people.

    Sir we are deprived of evry thing we have, we own if ever any leader is appearing from other areas specially from Sindh they are being killed e.g Zulfi bhutto , benazir murtaza Akabar bugti, millions of pushtuns killed on the name of Jihad & war on terror etc but cntral Punjab;s never. Sindh is being deoprived of generating electtricity through Coal, Wind the cheapest sources because the central Punjabs want to establish Dams to irrigate their land usurped from Sirais at cholistan thal, thal canal was built only to irrigate establishment’s land , Coal reservoirs of Sindh, 2nd largest in the world, are being ignored since 1994, in 2002 a Chinese company was forced to withdraw from Electricity genration Project, even nows undue obstacles are being craeted to force investors to flee from genrating electricity from Wind, Coal resourcees by wicked Nepra wapda.

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