CJ reinstatement: congratulations to Sindhi community in North America

by Aziz Narejo, TX, USA
An epic struggle by lawyers, civil society activists and some political parties has finally succeeded and the government has been forced to reinstate the judges deposed by military dictator on 3rd November, 2007. SANA has been steadfastly supporting the reinstatement of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Choudhry and other judges. Our members have organized, supported and participated in several rallies in USA and Canada for the cause and we have been writing on various forums on the subject.
I congratulate SANA members on the reinstatement of the Chief Justice and other judges.

2 thoughts on “CJ reinstatement: congratulations to Sindhi community in North America”

  1. With regrets, it is clear that Sindh and Sindhi People are once again stabbed in the back by people like .. who favor a Movement against the democratically elected Governement of SIndh Province.
    Punjab once again succeed in imposing his will through the barrel of a gun, as Kiani Saheb continuously met with Zardari and Gillani. Punjab once again showed that they are more Nationalists compare to so called SIndhi Nationalists,
    What a Pitty Sindhis,The Whole Punjab was raising slogans Jaag Punjabi Jaag, SIndhi Kutta Hi Hi and all the sindhis were sitting inside their drawing rooms and done nothing.
    I ask the sindhis to stop the drama of being sindhi as if they can’t raise voice over slogans against SIndhi Maa, they can’t raise voice against slogans towards unopposed elected President a widower of Shaheed BB then they don’t have the right to be called sindhis.

  2. Security forces surrendered in front of (Nawaz Sharif). Same security forces of Pakistan killed and dishonoured even the dead bodies of leader from smaller provinces (What happened with Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti), Mir Murtaza Bhutoo, disappeared son of Attaullah Mengal. Scores of MQM workers were killed, score of Pashtun JAGGA’s were killed by the security forces of Pakistan.
    These security forces of PAkistan, did not even fire a single bullet on NAwaz Sharif!!!!!
    President Zardari had no option but to surrender in front of Punjabi Ghundaism.
    Security of Pakistan (the great Punjab) surrendered in front of their own Lahori JAGA (Nawaz Sharif), the Borris Yelisin of Pakistan….

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