Opinion- Sharif Conspiracies!

gulaghaby Prof. Gul Agha, Illinois, USA
No one said anything about Zardari, but I have no reason to think that he is not a friend of Sindh. And, yes, we know the title “President” is a mirage — as Zardari has found out when he tried to fight the Taliban, influence Balochistan policy and promote peace and trade with India (he can’t even order his Intelligence chief to meet Indians! or keep his security advisor from being fired for acknowledging what the whole world already knew).
But with the current regime has come a Sindh Assembly and Govt. that is much better than before. The stronger Saaiin Zardari feels, the more room to maneuver Sindh PPP will have. Until they decide to remove him.. then they will go after all these Sindhi folks too. History repeats itself, first as tragedy than as a farce.
I do think the majority of this Sindh Assembly is a friend of Sindh. Reading the papers has been a breath of fresh air. I have been impressed by their honesty about the situation and the nature of the problems as well as their demands

— passing laws to bring the education under the Education Ministry (away from Governor), providing accurate numbers for closed schools and trying to control the bureaucracy, working to promote Sindhi language, noting environmental issues, questioning the Central govt. for failing to provide Sindhi quota in the central govt., recognizing the conspiracy against Sindhi Hindus, etc. They are dealing with a structure designed to thwart them (e.g. through the interference of the Governor, Punjabi and Urdii bosses in Sindh bureaucracy, etc.), but I don’t think it is the case that they are not trying.

Of course, we should continue to question, criticize and challenge the Sindh govt. and expect them to do more. But we should not trust those who would destroy them. They have an evil anti-Sindhi agenda.

Our quarrel is with the occupying state of Pakistan, its military and agencies (the real power brokers), not with the PPP. Sindhis have voted for the PPP — and it is not for any love of Pakistan. They understand Pakistan better than us and have made their choice knowing the situation and the constraints. Let us not waste our energy fighting shadows and chasing mirages, but respect the decision of the Sindhi masses. Sindhi masses do not support NZ or Imran Khan. Sindhis see through them and their agendas. Notice how NZ has not called for a meeting of the Punjab Assembly — showing that he is no friend of democracy, because he has no majority in the Assembly and his party has no right to govern even in that province. And Imran Khan is a dangerous nobody.. his pronouncements show his fanatic Islamist agenda.

We have our own role–and that role is not to advise Sindhis in Sindh on what to do (as though we understand their situation better), or to co-opt them for Sharif (Sharif brothers) conspiracies…

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