Chief Justice of Pakistan restored

ayazlatifpaleejoby Ayaz Latif Palijo Advocate, Chairman FRJP
The writer can be reached at
Today is the day of triumph for all of us and lets take this opportunity to salute the people of Pakistan, the martyrs of 12th May, the lawyers who were burnt to death in Karachi, the courageous members of the bar, the brave representatives of media, Hon Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chodhri, Rana Bhagwandas, Khalil u Rehman Ramdey, Ali Ahmed Kurd, Aitzaz Ahsan, Muneer Malik, Rasheed Rizvi, Baz Mohd Kakar, Tarik Mahmood, Athar Minalah, Asma Jahangeer the leadership & activists of Sindhiani Tahreek, PMLN, TI, JI, Awami Tahreek, Nationalist Parties of Sindh, Balochistan & Pakhtoon Khuwah.

This also shows that unlike generals the politicians are capable of solving the issue through dialogue and here I would like to quote the words of Mr. Hashmi, who said “this is our collective victory, we all are winners, the
lawyers, PMLN, Mr Zardari, Mr Gillani, Imran Khan & MR Nawaz Sharif.”
Yes all of us have won, democracy has won, Shaheed Benazir and shaheeds of Karsaz and Pindi have won. Those few anchors and adventurists from Lahore who were counting on an alarming development by portraying this issue as a battle between the entire Punjab province and a President from Sindh were trying to set a dangerous precedent. People of Pakistan must stay alert to
the possibility of trouble created by these men with mission. Until proved otherwise the role played by Washington, London and Pindi has saved the
country from another martial law, at least for the time being. The time has come when for the noble cause of an independent judiciary we should forget all past grudge and conflicts and realize the need of the volatile situation and the demands of the people who do need an independent judiciary, but along with wider changes in the entire political system that is falling apart. Pakistan is ripe for a major overhaul in its political structure, provincial autonomy and foreign policy. Lets hope that the great Chief Justice would see that unlike past at least 30 out of 40 Justices of Sindh
High Court shall be inducted from indigenous Sindhis. Lets hope that the killings of innocent and peaceful Balochs and Pakhtoons would be stopped and
the apex Court will play its historical role against abuses of human rights, unjust distribution of resources and the curse of corruption.

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