Opinion- Sherry, heeds to her conscious, resigns, keeps her word unlike her party chief

Sherry Rehman

Sherry Rehman

by Aziz Narejo, TX, USA
Sherry Rehman heeds to her conscious, resigns, keeps her word unlike the accidental leader of her party. It was reported a few days back that federal information minister Sherry Rehman had vowed to resign if any action was taken to curb the freedom of media. That was a principled stand by someone who had been associated with journalism in the past. It is reported in a section of the press that she kept her word today unlike the accidental boss of her party and tendered her resignation when government shut down GEO TV in the country.
One must appreciate the decision of Ms Sherry Rehman. It is an honorable and a principled decision. One hopes each major political party in the country has leaders like Sherry Rehman and Raza Rabbani who have the courage to differ with their leadership and could stand for what they think is right.

But as I said in my earlier mail on the resignation of Raza Rabbani that although such decisions may be bold, courageous and principled, they are not the answers to the present crisis. PPP leaders have to do a lot more. Their party is being discredited, disgraced and dismembered by the people who donâ€TMt have any business to be where they are. Generals Zia and Musharraf and elements in the military establishment hatched conspiracies and left no stone unturned to finish off PPP but they couldnâ€TMt. Unfortunately the mission is being accomplished by the people who have gotten into the positions due to a controversial will.

Today PPP doesn’t have a direction and seems to be pursuing the policies that it has fought against for decades. Instead of being the champion of the downtrodden and justice and fairness, democracy, freedom of media and independence of judiciary, it is being perceived as a party diagonally opposed to them and actually undermining those goals.

At this critical moment, the party leaders should oppose the opportunist elements within the party, oppose wrong decisions by the self-imposed high command and try to build the party on democratic lines. Or they will be as guilty of destroying their party as its accidental leader and his coterie of sycophants are.

The members, supporters and sympathizers of PPP could also help in this effort to save a party that has a history of struggles and sacrifices behind it. They, instead of blindly following a self-imposed leader, who has become deadweight for the party and will take it down along with him, should call for democracy within the party and adherence to the agreements and declarations signed and announced by slain leader Benazir Bhutto with regards to the governance and judiciary.

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