Opinion- Sherry Rehman Resigns!

gulaghaBy Prof. Gul Agha, USA
The writer can be reached at gul.agha@gmail.com
So her conscience had no problem providing speaking twaddle and giving absurd excuses while hundreds of thousands of Swatis, including women who bear the brunt of Taliban atrocities, were abandoned by the govt., but is now pricked because her friends in the media are being prevented from fanning the flames of destabilization?
Pakistan is a scorpion’s den. The Sharif’s are masters at the game. The only purpose of their current involvement is to destabilize and displace the Sindhi led govt. This is a power game that has nothing to do with any principal. They know they cannot get a vote of confidence even in the Punjab Assembly so they are taking to the streets, as the anti-Thaksin forces did in Thailand
Only a fool cannot see through their game. The Sharifs have never been friends of Sindhis, they even campaigned on Punjabi chauvanism. Last time around, they voted to bring Shariah law and even today are catering to the reactionary recidivists. They didn’t speak out for justice when the Swatis are abandoned by Pakistan. Nor did the lawyer’s movement care for the most basic human rights of the Baloch or the Swatis.
Sindhis have to make clear they will not tolerate this kind of blackmail by the minority party in Punjab to destabilize the govt., destroy law and order, and divide the coalition of Sindhis, Pushtuns and Baloch which are trying to establish a small foothold. Recently, the Sindh govt. demanded the rural Sindhi quota in federal jobs. The Sindh Assembly noted the on-going conspiracy against Sindhi Hindus. This is the sort of stuff they fear.
Of course, in the big picture, it won’t matter. Pakistan will still be run by the military. And if they succeed in destabilizing the current govt., they will simply show they cannot tolerate a Sindhi as President with any semblance of a little power, or a Sindh Assembly which is trying to do the right thing on many counts.

One thought on “Opinion- Sherry Rehman Resigns!”

  1. All posts of Gul Agha Saheb seemed filled with venom. You seem to paint all punjabis with the same brush. I want to see equalities no matter what colour /province you are from, a principle which islam fought for. Every punjabi/sindhi/balochi/Kashmiri/pathan wants roti,kapra ,makan, most of them are poor struggling to make a living, may allah provide for them, do you think the suffering of a sindhi peasant is greater than that of a punjabi one. May allah open your heart and see all those in pakistan with the same love other than those who seek to corrupt whether they are from the ppp or pml-q or pml-n. You think that there are only punjabi baddies, that sindhis are not their equals, i have seen much corruption and immoral treatment of people in sindh, but i will never leverage that and taint a community based certain observations. There is good and bad in all people and we must set an example and fight for all that are opressed. Our prophet saw did not fight for the rights of the arabs only but for all humanity. Share that vision, fill your heart with love to your brothers and sisters wherever they are from..a sufi tradition which has has been deeprooted in sindh and punjab, let this not be overhauled by extremist politics which is putting our country in danger. we have very little time on this earth before we too will be judged. let us do as much good as we can without prejudice even though prejudice has been directed towards certain people in pakistan historically i agree with you. |lets rise above it and work positively to build a stronger brotherhood with solutions as opposed to finding ways to destroy. Peace my brother

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