No where in history judiciary has been independent in the absence of democracy

protest2by Abdul Latif Khuhro,
No where in history judiciary has been independent in the absence of democracy. Normally, parliament is the forum where political battles are fought. That is the democratic norm to which the PML-N continues to be publicly committed. However, Nawaz Sharif’ pronouncement indicates that the PML-N has jettisoned the parliamentary route and opted for flexing its muscles on the streets…

The real goal of PML-N is to topple the PPP govt

by Prof. Gul Agha

It is clear that the real goal of PML-N is to topple the PPP govt., as they did last time they controlled Punjab. PML- N who attacked the Supreme Court have never apologized or even acknowledged their sins. They do not respect this one either and would not respect any other. The only reason they are interested in restoring the most recent past Chief Justice, CJ is to get President Zardari out-of-the-way. After all, they are not demanding restoring Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah…..

March 13, 2009

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The destruction of Manchar & Haleji Lakes- It is a standard tragedy of Sindh

by Azhar Ali Shah

It seems that main reason behind the destruction of Manchar, Haleji and other lakes of Sindh is just negligence and improper planning of government coupled with selfish interests of local zamindars/feudals who want their land and fish farms to be irrigated at the cost of the supply of drinking water to the local people and preserving public tourist points!. Its all shame for the related ministries, departments, offices and peoples as well.

Deja vu for Sindh Govt., Sindhi Hindus

In 1948, the Sindh govt. resisted sponsored rioting against Sindhi Hindus and was dismissed by central establishment of the country.
Today, a new Sindhi representative govt. is again noting the ugly reality and standing up for the rights of all Sindhis.
It is Deja vu.
Organised conspiracy’ against Hindus in Sindh: Mirza
Friday, March 13, 2009
By our correspondent

Courtesy and Thanks: Daily Times
Karachi: Sindh- Legislators during the Sindh Assembly session on Thursday expressed concern over a whole range of issues, including kidnapping of minority members, corruption at the Civic Centre during registration of vehicles, continued load-shedding, non-payment of salaries to lady health workers (LHW), extra fees by private schools, theft of steel from railway tracks and cutting of trees.

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