Govt. on suicide mission; Raza Rabbani, others must speak up, join long march
by Aziz Narejo, Huston, TX, USA
The writer can be reached at anarejo@yahoo.com
The situation is as bad as it gets. Political forces in the country have finally collided with each other against the wishes of the people who wanted them to bury the hatchet, work together, strengthen democracy, eradicate corruption, terrorism and poverty, provide education and health to citizens, solve other serious issues facing the country, end inequalities and discrimination and build a system based on justice and fairness.

But alas, nothing of that sort happened. It is a tragic repeat of the dark, acrimonious decade of the 1990s. The government continuing the policies of the past military dictatorships has started a crack down against the opponents. It is the undoing of the present government as the past is the witness. Similar actions by rulers like Ayub, Zia and Musharraf have seen the end of their rule. Nothing is going to be different this time.

How to save the situation?

The rulers as well as the people still have some time left before the situation reaches the point of no return. Most of the responsibility lies with the rulers. They must do some rethinking and reverse their actions.

What the rulers can do?

1. They must quit their ambition to conquer Punjab through the machinations of the people like Salman Taseer and Manzoor Wattoo.

2. Must end governor’s rule in Punjab immediately and respect the mandate of the PML-N to rule the province (as the PML-N should respect PPP’s mandate in the Center).

3. Must revoke dictator Musharrafâ€TMs illegal and unconstitutional actions of the November 3, 2007 and reinstate the judiciary as it stood on that day.

All must understand that the most formidable guarantees for democratic rule today are the independent and strong judiciary and free media. The present rulers have already caused immense damage to the moral of the judiciary. It should cause no further damage or it will be writing its own obituary.

What the people can do?

They must come out and fully support the long march. People must get involved in the affairs. They can’t leave the rulers and the opposition to their games. One must be clear that no judge including the Chief Justice of Pakistan, no ruler including the PPP chief and no opposition leader including the PML-N chief is an angel. The people have to be vigilant. Only an aware and active civil society can keep every one in line.

Raza Rabbani:

It is time that politicians, activists and general public irrespective of their political affiliations stand for what is right. As news reports indicate PPP leader Raza Rabbani has been speaking his mind in party and cabinet meetings. Now he has resigned from his position as leader of the house in the Senate and as a minister. I don’t think resignation is the answer. I think he should make his stand public. He must support the reinstatement of the judiciary and an end to the governor’s rule in Punjab . He and all other politicians and activists who believe in democracy, justice and fairness must join the long march for the restoration of judiciary to its pre-November 3, 2007 position and speak against the government action in Punjab.

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