Time running out for stable Pakistan

– Ali Gharib and Jim Lobe

WASHINGTON (IPS/GIN) – The United States and its allies must act urgently to prevent Pakistan from descending into a spiral of economic, security, and political crises, according to a new report released here by an influential think tank.

The 27-page report, “Needed: A Comprehensive U.S. Policy Towards Pakistan,” called for at least $4 billion to $5 billion in new aid for Islamabad of which $1 billion should be earmarked for the military and the police, to help ward off the growing threat posed to the central government by Islamic militants based in the frontier regions with Afghanistan and linked to Al-Qaeda.

“Simply put, time is running out for stabilizing Pakistan’s economy and security,” the task force warned. “We cannot stress the magnitude of the dangerous enough nor the need for greater action now,” it stressed, adding that failure to provide needed assistance could well result in “state failure.”

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Islam’s last Messenger Muhammad (PBUH)- Saviour of humanity & mercy for whole mankind

The 3rd Islamic month is Rabiul Awwal. On 12th day of this Islamic month each year, more than 1.5 billion Muslims of the world celebrate birth anniversary of Islam’s last Prophet and Messenger Muhammad (PBUH). This year 12th Rabiul Awwal 1428 falls on last week of March 2007. To more than 1-5 billions Muslims of the world, irrespective of their sectarian, cultural geographical and political differences, Islam’s last Prophet and Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) is regarded as Allah’s greatest creation, noblest personality, savior of humanity and mercy for whole mankind. These more than 1.5 billion Muslims on this planet do not require any survey, research, credentials or certificates to arrive at this conclusion. It is a non-negotiable article of faith, firm and absolute belief that Muhammad (PBUH) is the greatest and noblest personality.
But his is the firm and absolute belief of Muslims. What about non-Muslims? It may be surprise to know that over the centuries ago, many eminent and renowned non-Muslim writers, historians, philosophers, intellectuals and political leaders have rated Muhammad (PBUH) most highly and given him due recognition to his greatness and his noblest character. Michael H. Hart, a Christian American, astronomer, mathematician, lawyer and scientist, after extensive research, has published biography of 100 most influential personalities of all time… From this research, which included most influential personalities such as Jesus Christ, Moses, Napolean, Shakespeare, Columbus etc… this author Michael H. Hart has rated Muhammad (PBUH) as number ONE in his book “The 100”- entitles Muhammad (PBUH) number ONE in human history