Remembering Shaikh Ayaz: The legend poet of Sub-Continent

ayazBirth Day celebration on March 2nd, 2009 at Karachi Arts Council main auditorium at 3.30 PM, Programme includes: Papers and Speeches- Book Launch and Music
He sangram! samhoon Aa Narayan Shayam!
hina ja munhinja Qola bi saGya Boola bi saGya
hoo kavita jo kaaka-dharni, para munhinja ranga-ratola bi saGya
DHatu bi saGyo DHolu bi saGyo hanou bi saGyo hola bi saGya
huna tay keean bandooka KhaRNa maan!
hina Khay golee keean haRNa maan!
keean haRNa maan! keean haRNa maan!
keean haRNa maan!
Translation: This sangram! in front is Narain Shayam!
His and mine tales are the same
promises are the same
He is the king of poetry, but my colorful ways are also same
land also same beloved also same heart also same horrors also same
How can I point a gun to him!
How can I shoot him! How can I shoot! How can I shoot! How can I shoot!

Higher tax on rich

Obama’s bold budget dicards Bush ideology in bid to lift economy

U.S. President Barack Obama blamed current economic woes on “an era of profound irresponsiblity.”
WASHINGTON- U.S. President Barack Obama charted a dramatic course for the United States with a bold but contenttious budge proposing higher taxes for the wealthy and the first steps toward guaranted health care for all Americans.
The budget was accompained by an astonishing $1.75 trillion federal deficit that would be nearly four times the highest in history. In a veiled jibe at George W. Bush’s eight- year presidency, Obama attributed the current economic maelstrom to “an era of profound irresponsibilty that engulfed both private and public institutions from some of our largest companies’ executive suites to the seats of power in Washington, D.C.”

Denouncing what he called the “dishonest accounting” of recent federal budgets, Obama unveiled his own $ 36 trillion blueprint for next year, a proposal tha would transfer walth from rich taxpayers to the middle class and the poor….