It is never too late to mend

By Zar Ali Khan Musazai
The incident of 9/11, 2001 changed the world in general and Pashtun region in particular. Americans and allies launched their war against al- Qaeda and Taliban terrorists who were harboring terrorism and terrorists to Afghanistan and all over the world including the attacks on the US.

All those innocent people including the allied and Afghan soldiers who became victims of the terrorism are the real martyrs. They laid down their lives for upright, justice and peace in the world. May God bliss them all. It is a well known fact that Afghanistan was a centre of terrorism but with the advent of Americans and allied forces the terrorism and terrorists left Afghanistan and made Pakistan as a safe haven for them, particularly, the tribal areas adjacent to Afghanistan. Americans should have to strike the terrorists, this side of the Durand line at that time but sorry to say that Americans and allies did not do it and went behind Iraqi president/ dictator sadam Hussin. This act harmed Afghanistan, allied forces and Pashtun living both sides of Durand line. The terrorists strengthened themselves in FATA and adjacent areas of the Pashtun with alleged active support of Pakistan army, intelligence agency ISI and clergy. All clergymen are the paid employees of the ISI and are bent upon all time to harm Afghanistan and actively support terrorism in the region with the support of ISI and Arab sheikhs .America gave more than 13 billion dollars to Pakistan and demanded her to eradicate terrorism with it but this menace further spread with each passing day and some new reports indicate it that all the money meant for the elimination of the menace went directly to the accounts of Taliban and other forces engaged in fighting against America, allied forces and Afghanistan. Americans were informed time and again that the said so called anti-terror forces in FATA and other Pashtun areas were not sincere with them in the solution of the problem concerning terrorism ,and asserted that mulla-millitary are one and same but such calls turned deaf ears and were not weighed properly . When in Waziristan more than 400 military men had gone missing and media reported that they were captured by Taliban. Even at that time there were suspicions over it but the responsible international community did not heed it and laughed at those who were terming it as a drama and a naked farce. There were many people who were of the opinion that the detained military men were useful for the militants. They could give those refresher courses and other tactics as how to fight in Afghanistan against Americans and allied forces. We used to hear that Americans are very wise people but we do not know as to what are the factors that have been hurdles in their way to cross over to the areas dominated by the Pashtun, across the Durand line. When Taliban’s emirate in Kabul collapsed their mentors advised them to remain silent for some time and when Americans would leave soon then they would come out again and would reclaim Afghanistan. There were two aims behind it. One was to crush those political people and influential Pashtun who were sincere to eliminate the terrorism and were ruthlessly assassinated and this number raised to 3000.So- called anti terror forces in Pakistan wished to hammer the sentiments of Afghan nationalism on both sides of Durand line and tried the best to divert the attention of the people from the core issue of national unity and named it religiosity and anti-Americanism. The fact is that our people are having least concern about the American and allied forces and thought that forces in questions had come to Afghanistan under the command of UN. On other hands dollars were funneled for the anti-terror war which was deposited in the personal bank accounts of the mentors and Taliban alike while the innocent people were mercilessly killed, forced to migrate from their houses and schools and bridges were demolished. This conception was supported by the reporter of the New York Times also. Now the US has pledged 750 million dollars for the development of the FATA. We are afraid that the said hefty amount will go down the drain and FATA will neither develop nor will the people of FATA ever see its benefits in the presence of greedy and anti -American establishment of Pakistan. There are forces which are not sincere in elimination of the terrorism from the region. It is true that the Security forces are using jet-fighters and other heavy weapon in FATA, but not against terrorist Taliban and al-Qaeda, but it is used against the civilians to instigate their sentiments against US, allied forces and Afghanistan to sabotage the national unity. There are problems of unemployment, price hike, food shortage and unrest in our region. Pakistani rulers are unable to solve them that are why they wish to divert the attention of people from the real issues and concentrate their attention towards the US. Pashtun are of the firm belief that ISI has been using the Pashtun and their territory to promote terrorism with support of bloody religious mullahs. Pakistan mulla and military are same and from recent reports published in media that Taliban were termed as the, National asset of Pakistan, which is an alarming situations for us all. Pashtun reserve the right to ask as to who will be responsible for their destruction and Pashtun also demand of Americans and international community to bring culprits to the court of justice who perpetrated cruelties on Pashtun in the garb of terrorists. With the indiscriminate bombardment of Pakistani Security forces in FATA and Swat only civilian are killed while the drone attacks by the Americans hit the real targets and the difference is clear. Now once again Pashtun demand of the Americans and international community to isolate terrorists not Pashtun.

(The writer is Chairman of Pashtun Democratic Council and can be contacted on his cell: 0301-5963337 and email

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