Police raid at the home of Sindhi Rights leader Ibrahim Joyo & arrest of his son

M. Ibrahim Joyo
M. Ibrahim Joyo

Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
Khalid Hashmani can be reached at khashmani@hotmail.com
It is shameful that the Hyderabad police raided the house of great Sindhi Rights leader SaeeN Ibrahim Joyo and arrested his son. Please join me in condemning this awful action and demanding the release of Dr. Mansoor Joyo

8 thoughts on “Police raid at the home of Sindhi Rights leader Ibrahim Joyo & arrest of his son”

  1. we dont want to live slaves any more these feudal touts of agencies are blake maling to us with feudal touts whome we give them respect they are touts

  2. i request you friends that this sort of political vitamization must be condemmed know few peoples of ppp govenment tagating the sindhi leaders and there families harassing ther peoples giving warning to us up extreme our sindhi leaders are in trouble and black mailing of ppp government who violating rights of sindhi peoples harassing arresting now they stop myy pay by order o court to black mail sindhi leaders there habbit out side government crying for sindhi in goverment killing sindhi every leaders of asking sindh and sindhi rights are on there target they take every step tp o tortrure them they did notinhg for sindhi andh yet violating constitution and law for there benifit as well

  3. we are uder torture and harrasment of feudal and politician specialy this peoples who are sittting with mafia why theire sitting with them

  4. tahats blake mailing of governent to thriil for murder and black mail our parents they kidnapped our 10 joyo from mir pur mathelo to harrase othersto limitizeand and torturing us in cases in name of family cases pp peoplesarenot invoved than they are going to there homes madam sai palejo said them not doing good but now they clear harrase our elders and relatives even cha cha taj joyo and my father gone for by by pass because of then 3 times there peoples attack on me i gone to report even police said faily matter they stopped my pay and closed my net i spend 4 lacs to that so called ppp suporting lady who are not to single party of evry gornment in power we want to open ther mask face in whole world

  5. in this goverment peoples are suffering more than any we are loking them in bad future as alwayas in ppp government we been misused as operation happened on balouchs the became angry to sindhi and in opration against urdu speaking sidhi they became angry to sindhi now yo pathans even they are angry to us it is all policies of agencies we suffer the most and in every change of government the elected party represent it self as they give new job to us peoples became hoples to this government as this came after too much strruggles of sindhi and they are suffering most

  6. i was arrested on true reason by they government to black mail my fathrt and harrasse them as we are in pkistan sice last 62 years we want to to free the human bengs from other slavery and still we are fighting for it and all our family matters turned into political and all political maters into family problems aswe remained keeped away from our father for long time such situation created to us sepration from our childrens and family and it peack level of un justice here now iget order by judge to submit my whole pay for that nasty lady who count themselves in every party mental and physical sick un able to produce child blaming my self for her infertlity they are blake mailers and touts to every government

  7. This is shocking. Its time that all nationalist forces hit out at Polital leadership. It is the PPP leasedship is failing the sindhis.

    We need to act fast.

    We are all with Mr. Joyo in this time of Grave crisis.

    1. i am thank ful to all who strugled during my polce custody and worked for my release thanks to them actual rlease will achived by cobine stuggle as these agencies make sick to our leaders even some time create so much fear

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