The hypocracy of Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Imran Khan & other right wing parties of Pakistan!

What this accord meant?
by Lala Hasan
It is interesting that some political leaders inclduing Imran Khan (cricket hero), Qazi & others use to condemn the Jirgas & feudalism in Sindh but they have been trying to justify the Jirgas in Pakhtoon Khawah. Many politicians and beaurucrats are libral and moderate on the issues of Sindh & Punjab but on the issues of NWFP they have many arguments to tell. They are champions of movement for Independent judiciary but they like Jirga system and Taliban brand Sharia courts in NWFP. They are democratic and libral but they have been supporting Taliban brand of Sharia. They are supporting women rights in Punjab and Sindh but they are not ready to condemn blowing up of girls schools by terrorists in NWFP or PakhtoonKhawah. They are supporter of working women in Sindh & Punjab but in NWFP, they have an other story to tell in the name of so-called traditions and customs. Actually they neither are Democratic nor in favour of independent judiciary.
They want to throw women and other libral people back to stone age. They can use aeroplanes, missiles, rocket launcher, kalashan kov, cars, modern medicines, electricity, loudspeakers, TVs, computer etc, all introduced by west & Europe but on the issue of women, they reject even education and Polio drops while saying its west brand so they would not allow. Its really a joke & some friends “innocently” have been indirectly supporting such strange arguments of extremists.

 we should also condemn such Sawat accords by the Islamabad government. This would increase militancy. It is dangerous practice for Peace.
Source- Posted by: Lala Hassan, on Thursday Feb 19, 2009 10:25 am (PST) at SPN

One thought on “The hypocracy of Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Imran Khan & other right wing parties of Pakistan!”

  1. you bloody librals.blind man read islam and policies of jamat islami and then say some thing,

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