Sukkur Sindh- Charity begins at home after all!

by Mohammad Ali Mahar, Austin, TX, USA

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I visited Sindh in September/ October, 2008. To get to my home from the airport, I had to take the kachcho side road, for the main highway connecting Sukkur to Shikarpur was completely unfit for cars. If one needed to drive to somewhere, if at all, one had to drive in the 2nd. gear for miles and miles.

Now, the neighborhood in Sukkur where my humble abode is situated, is blessed to house his eminence Syed Khursheed Shah as well as many other power weilders in the current set up.

I asked my brother if Saaeen Khursheed Shah used some other way to get to his home. No, said my brother. That was the only road connecting Sukkur city, our neighborhood, the airport and Shikarpur. So, everyone took the same road.

Surprised, I asked , “But isn’t Saaeen Khursheed Shah a minister in the government?”
“He is. But he is in the government only a few months”, said my brother apologetically, “Give him a few days, they will fix everything, at least this road.”

I concurred.

I spoke with my brother a week or so ago. I asked him if there was any improvement in the condition of the road now that Saaeen was in the power for more than a year.

“Yes, a lot, actually”, said my brother, “last time you were here, we drove you around in the 2nd. gear. If you come to Sukkur today, we’ll drive you home from the airport in the 1st. gear.

Turns out that all the construction contracts in Sukkur go to Saaeen’s frontmen. And, why not? Charity begins at home after all. To bring more prosperity to Sukkur, Saaeen has even got his retired brother re-appointed as the Director General, Highways!

Who says things never improve in Sindh. Go see the new crop of palatial bungalows in the modern housing societies in Sukkur, Hyderabad, and Karachi.

One thought on “Sukkur Sindh- Charity begins at home after all!”

  1. Dear Mahar,

    I believe we Pakistani people do not deserve democracy or democracy doesn’t fit for Pakistan region – System totally corrupt, all Minister’s to bureaucrats are corrupt, They give a dammm to people; Just mislead the nation.
    I think if you become more educated then they can recognize those dark faces(Politicians)

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