Sindhi be made national language of Pakistan besides Punjabi, Siraiki, Pushto & Balochi

by Manzoor Chandio, Karachi, Sindh

1-Sindhi along with Seraiki, Punjabi, Balochi and Pushto should be declared a national language of Pakistan. (The present national language of Pakistan is the Mother tongue of only 7% population of the Pakistanis)

2-All national identity cards and passports in Sindh should be issued in Sindhi.

3-Coins and banknotes of various denominations should be published in Sindhi along with other  national languages.

4-All signboards and milestones of Pakistan Railways and National Highway Authority in Sindh should be written in Sindhi. (The Civil Aviation Authority should display welcoming banners in Sindhi at all airports in Sindh. The PIA should make arrival and departure announcements in Sindhi as thousands of Sindhis are using the airline daily.

5-All federal bodies in Sindh and all departments of the Sindh government should use Sindhi for official communication. (Ministers should display their name plates in Sindhi)

6-Sindhi members of the Sindh Assembly should make speeches and table bills in Sindhi. The finance minister should make his budget speech in Sindhi. (It seems Sindhi lawmakers are the worst victims of the linguistic chauvinism. One visit to the Sindh Assembly shows how Sindhi legislators are talking in as they were members of Utter Pradesh Assembly.

7-All closed Sindhi-medium schools and colleges in Karachi, Sindh should be reopened.

8-All court proceedings right from civil to high courts should be held in Sindhi. Records should also be maintained in Sindhi.

9-All national and multinational companies, including those of pharmaceutical manufactures, should be asked to produce literature in Sindhi. Otherwise, their products should be boycotted.

10-Elite Sindhis should be asked to talk to their children in Sindhi.

19 Feb. 2009.

3 thoughts on “Sindhi be made national language of Pakistan besides Punjabi, Siraiki, Pushto & Balochi”

  1. i really apprciate you for your work in favour of sindhi people and sindhi language…as far as my point of view is concerned, it is a revolutionary article…no doubt it will take much time for the system to be changed but i m sure that sooner or later, change is the fate, as nature follows the law of change…..
    insaf sahar (cmc larkana)

  2. The poetry of Great Muslim (as his name indicates him as a Muslim) Sufi poet and reformer (who changed the loves of non-Muslims and Muslims) Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Rehmatullah Alaih should be translated into Sindhi. There has been effort made by many scholars (explicitly) to do so but they never made it and still a common Sindhi person (maano) is unable to understand the real essence of this great poetry. Also, the “ethnic” symbol of Sindhi should be the “Mehrab” of Sindhi cap and “Risalo” of Shah Shahib rather than “voilent” symbols which were hated by Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Rehmatullah Alaih. I think all Shah Saeen lovers would agree with this.

    I also request to Chandio Sahib that please do not ask the other people speaking different language to agitate if they have no objection on Urdu cards and signboards because this was the message of Shah Saeen…tolerance. Love Humans rather than Languages. Love Shah Saeen’s message rather than his poetry. Love the people and soil of Sindh rather than the economic centered politics. If we love “Indus” than it starts from Kashmir to Karachi since 5000 years before. I humbly request not to confine our great Indus just in province Sindh.

    Jiay Shah Saeen jo Sindh, Jiay Jinnah jo Sindh.

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