The Fall of Sawat!

by Shaikh Mohommad
[1] If we use brute force, the result are quiet surprising. Americans used force against Mosaddeq – who was elected by the Iranian people. Mosaddeq was executed and Shah was brought in and now MULLAHS are ruling Iran.

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Manchhar Lake being destroyed

Manchhar Lake being destroyed
18 Feb, 2009
by HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad
Courtesy and Thanks- Daily Dawn
POLLUTED water has been drained in the famous Manchhar Lake for so many years which has adversely impacted on its ecosystem. Effluent of industrial units of Punjab, Balochistan and upper Sindh is being discharged in the lake through main Nara Valley drain, due to which water levels of the Manchhar Lake have increased by 15 feet, posing a serious threat to more than 20 villages.

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