Who Rules Sindh? Resolutions of SDF Dialogue

Sindh Civil Society Demand PPP to Keep their Promises of Good Governance and Provincial Autonomy
by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
After waiting for a reasonable time, more and more Sindhi Civil Society groups that had supported PPP during the last elections are loosing patience and demanding good governance and provincial autonomy. The following resolutions passed at a Karachi meeting of Sindhi Civil Society representatives shows that their patience are running out.
I hope that PPP will wake up and realize that their constituents are demanding an end to continuation of policies of dictatorship and abuse of their rights.

From: zhalepoto@yahoo. com
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 03:58:57 -0800
Subject: [SindhiRights] Who Rules Sindh? Resolutions of SDF Dialogue
Civil Society Dialogue on Who Rules Sindh?
Friday 13th February 2009, Marriott Hotel, Karachi
By: Sindh Democratic Forum (SDF)
This house notes that Pakistan and our homeland Sindh are both under external and internal threats. Pakistan is externally vulnerable to Talibanisation and internally from Praetorian forces. Sindh is threatened by lawlessness, failure in social services delivery and violence from inside and from unchecked influx of population from outside. This house demands that to counter the threats to the state and our homeland, democratic institutions must be strengthened in the country and principles and practices of good governance must be followed, and the writ of the government must be established in Sindh, which is presently totally invisible at present.
This house of representatives of civil society, political parties, writers, intellectuals, technocrats and concerned citizens resolves that;
1. People of Sindh are extremely unhappy with the drift and directionlessness, monumental corruption, nepotism, abject failure of service delivery and the general collapse of the government in Sindh, resulting in deeply felt favoritism and helplessness of the masses.
2. The people of Sindh are further unhappy that in the name of reconciliation the peoples party has insulted the mandate by joining hands with the urban terrorists and time expired jagirdars and turncoats whose hands are with the blood of Sindhi people. The recent nominations of Senate seats of such people who have nothing to do with soil of Sindh shows that PPP leadership holds the Sindhi peoples feelings in contempt.
3. This house demands that the life and property of Sindh must be protected at all cost even at the cost of government’s allies.
4. This house demands that service delivery in the matter of education, health and drinking water/sewerage must be given top priority.
5. This house demands that the transfer of resources and money must be stopped forthwith and GST on Services and the Octori tax which has been illegally and unconstitutionally appropriated by the federal government must be returned to Sindh.

6. This house forcefully demands that the PPP government in the centre and Sindh must pass necessary legislation to revert control of natural resources specially oil and gas to the provinces where those resources are located.

7. This house demands that the present government that has representation in all four provinces and centre must formulate independent National Finance Commission and announce an Award that is not based on population alone. Conversely this house demands that all provinces must collect taxes and give to the central government according to the population of the province.
8. All the discriminatory decisions and actions taken by previous government of Musharraf and his urban collaborators including division of Hyderabad, ban on admissions and employment in Karachi for residents of Sindh, allotments of lands in Karachi and Thatta, sale of islands be immediately taken back, and Governor of Sindh be replaced by an independent and competent hand acceptable to majority people of Sindh.

9. Financial and administrative audit of all local governments particularly of Karachi and Hyderabad local governments and governments of those districts where most of the resources were diverted during Musharraf period be ordered immediately to make the responsible people accountable for waste of tax payers resources, and learn from the bad experiences of past for future decision making.
10. The house demands maximum provincial autonomy and abolition of concurrent list as pledged in COD and PPP Manifesto 2008 Elections.
11. This house demands proper and just share of Sindhis in employment in federal government departments, corporations and Pakistan Army.

12. This house demands that PPP government should not accept those individuals and so called political parties with the name of reconciliation to their collations who played a dirty role of being partner of the previous non-democratic regime of Musharraf.

13. This house demands that serious efforts be made to ensure good governance, improve quality of services, improve law and order, reduce corruption, promote Sindhi medium in schools of Karachi and demonstrate a responsive, responsible and accountable government systems as promised in election manifesto of 2008.

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