Why should I respect these oppressive religions?

by Johann Hari

February 14th, 2009
The right to criticise religion is being slowly doused in acid. Across the world, the small, incremental gains made by secularism – giving us the space to doubt and question and make up our own minds – are being beaten back by belligerent demands that we “respect” religion. A historic marker has just been passed, showing how far we have been shoved. The UN rapporteur who is supposed to be the global guardian of free speech has had his job rewritten – to put him on the side of the religious censors.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights stated 60 years ago that “a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief is the highest aspiration of the common people”. It was a Magna Carta for mankind – and loathed by every human rights abuser on earth. Today, the Chinese dictatorship calls it “Western”, Robert Mugabe calls it “colonialist”, and Dick Cheney calls it “outdated”. The countries of the world have chronically failed to meet it – but the document has been held up by the United Nations as the ultimate standard against which to check ourselves. Until now.

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Who Rules Sindh? Resolutions of SDF Dialogue

Sindh Civil Society Demand PPP to Keep their Promises of Good Governance and Provincial Autonomy
by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
After waiting for a reasonable time, more and more Sindhi Civil Society groups that had supported PPP during the last elections are loosing patience and demanding good governance and provincial autonomy. The following resolutions passed at a Karachi meeting of Sindhi Civil Society representatives shows that their patience are running out.
I hope that PPP will wake up and realize that their constituents are demanding an end to continuation of policies of dictatorship and abuse of their rights.

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