Sindh’s neglected heritage

makliBy Manzoor Chandio, Karachi, Sindh
The News on Sunday has published three articles on Sindh’s neglected archeological heritage.
One article is on Moenjodaro, the microcosm of the Indus valley civilization, and two are on Chawkandi and Makli necropolises.
Journalist Hafeez Tunio in his article on Moenjodaro tells us that how the ancient city is crumbling with each passing day as authorities concerned look the other way.
Articles on Chowkandi and Makli have been written by Farooq Baloch and Adeel Pathan, respectively.
“With barely any money being spent on the upkeep of historic tombs, it is not a surprise why the site attracts no foreign or local tourist.
A survey of the Chawkandi Tombs showed that out of the four graves of people of great repute, three are dilapidated, with the roof having caved in decades ago. Others are fast deteriorating, with their edges having being damaged,” says the article on Chowkandi.
The article on Makli says “When it comes to preservation, the Makli graveyard is yet another heritage site that has received scant attention from authorities”.
You may read the articles by clicking on the link below

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