Another World Is Possible

unchainedKARACHI: WSF activists call for action against capitalism
By Shamim-ur-Rahman
Courtesy and Thanks: Daily Dawn

KARACHI, Feb 7: Liberal and progressive participants of the World Social Forum event held on Saturday strongly condemned the ongoing Israeli aggression in Gaza and the genocide of the Palestinian people taking place there with the “abetment” of the United States. They also deplored extremists’ acts of terrorism and the ongoing military operations in the NWFP and Balochistan. Participants also condemned the “exploitative” capitalist system, which was trying to deprive indigenous people of their independence and rights. Continue reading Another World Is Possible

Causes and Consequences of Extremism in Pakistan

Report Prepared and Circulated by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, US
Highlights from Washington DC Seminar on “Causes and Consequences of Extremism in Pakistan”
Washington, DC – February 8, 2009: Last Tuesday (February 3), United States Institute of Peace (USIP) and Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) organized a seminar on the “Causes and Consequences of Extremism in Pakistan” at Washington DC offices. Continue reading Causes and Consequences of Extremism in Pakistan

Is Pakistan in Safe hands?

pakistan-federal-assemblyPakistan is not in Safe Hands
by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
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This article was originally circulated to thousands of e-mail addresses of Pakistanis by a group called “PakNationalists”. This group has be wedging a campaign to bring back military rule in Pakistan the day PPP won elections in Pakistan. The “PakNationalists” is run by person named Ahmed Qureshi and the article written by Major Usman Khalid. Both of these persons had been anti-PPP, anti-provincial autonomy, and anti-small provinces. The original title of this article is “MQM-PPP-ANP Scheme To Divide Pakistan” and was circulated on February 4, 2009. This is the same group that also circulated another article titled “The final Solution For Pakistan: ‘A Decision Making Unit“. The aim of both of these articles and other regular propaganda by groups such as “PakNationalists” is to thwart the current movement towards provincial autonomy. They want to ban elections and install a military imposed Decision Making Unit (DMU) in Pakistan. Notice the following points they make in these two articles:

Continue reading Is Pakistan in Safe hands?

The sale of expired and fake drugs in Sindh

Spurious and expired drugs
by Dr (Prof) Kazi Khadim Hussain, Qasimabad, Sindh
Courtesy and Thanks: Daily dawn, 8.1.2009
Your editorial “Spurious and expired drugs” (January 31) revealing that 15 out of every 100 drugs being sold and bought in Punjab are either fake or expired must have unnerved almost every citizen. Although this investigation is based on 3,000 drug samples out of a total of 20,101 collected by the Punjab government from across the province but the condition in other provinces wouldn’t definitely be no less awful. Continue reading The sale of expired and fake drugs in Sindh