An Arab & a Sindhi

One day an Arab came to Radio club and sat in a corner with a worried face.
One Sindhi saw him and asked ,’Why all this sorrow?’
The Arab replied,’ I am suffering from a rare disease and I need a particular type of blood which is available only in India.’
And he named the rare blood group.
The Sindhi jumped up and said, ‘ God be praised. What luck.! That is my blood group . I will gladly give my blood to you.’
The Arab was so pleased that on the next day , he presented a Mercedes car and Rs. 5OO, OOO to our Sindhi .
Afterwards they went together to the hospital
The Doctors complimented the two on successful transfusion of blood.
After one year, the same Arab returned to India and contacted our Sindhi friend .
But this time the Arab gave nothing to the Sindhi.
The Sindhi was perplexed and said to the Arab,’ Why brother! You are angry with me!.You are offering me absolutely nothing this time.
The Arab smiled and said ‘No brother. I cannot be angry with you. But please remember. I have now your blood in my veins.’
Now the same joke in Colloquial  phonetic Roman Sindhi script.