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Khalid Hashmani
Khalid Hashmani

Supporters of Dictatorship want to ban Elections and install a Military Constituted Decision Making Unit (DMU)
by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
Mr. Khalid Hashmani can be reached at

Be aware and on lookout for supporters of dictatorship who want to ban elections and install a military imposed Decision Making Unit (DMU) in Pakistan. I am noticing increased activity by these enemies of people’s rights who have always supported dictators. The e-mails such as below are being sent to thousands of Pakistanis as an accessory to the plot to revert Pakistan to the dark days of military dictatorship. These people have been wedging vicious propaganda against PPP and ANP governments and calling on  Military to ” intervene in a “CLASSIC” manner”.

Let us be vigilant and remain unified to thwart ill design of people who have already exploited Pakistan for too long and want to return to the rule of exploitation and an era of unequal opportunities.
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Subject: Coming Coup, The Final Solution
Date: Wednesday, February 4, 2009, 8:08 AM

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The Final Solution For Pakistan: ‘A Decision Making Unit’

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The Pakistani military does not have to stage a coup in traditional way. After removing the government, a Decision Making Unit [DMU] can be installed in power, consisting of nationalist Pakistanis from technocratic backgrounds, tasked with executing a complete reorganization of the Pakistani state. Existing politicians must all be disqualified for the next 30 years. This comment from Muhammad Amir posted on Feb. 1, 2009.

ARTICLE TITLE: Pakistan Is Not America’s ‘War Theater’
BY: Muhammad Amir (aamir1_boy@

You have very precisely summed up both internal and external threats. You have written, “There is not a single Pakistani political party with an organized strategic research and analysis activity”. I swear, there is not a single top brass politician who could interpret the depth of this sentence.

It is not inevitable that military should intervene in a “CLASSIC” manner. There are other ways through which military can take control of our country in its hands.

Just an example, military can throw out these corrupt, roué and west-propped politicians and install a “Decision Making Unit”, which should consist of people from varied backgrounds, for example: lecturers of top universities, renowned patriotic journalists, doctors, engineers, patriotic industrialists, retired army officers, renowned religious scholars, bankers, individuals having international experience (but before selection they must be interrogated) , patriotic lawyers, retired patriotic judges and other people of various backgrounds of society.

The selection process must be executed by the military. Individuals selected for this DMU (Decision Making Unit) must be held in surveillance for quite a few months. This is the only process through which we can save our country from external intervention and perhaps from internal insurgencies (that are of course designed by external intruders like CIA). Internal insurgencies are directly related to the external intrusions.

Elections must be declared “forbidden”.

Corrupt politicians, political parties, their workers and loyalists, undercover lawyers, foreign stooges, defectors and scholars that are security threats must be executed immediately.

Military training and ‘patriotic mind making’ of 2 years must become compulsory for every citizen who reaches the age of 18.

If this is implemented then I assure you that no Obama or Bush can exert pressure on us. If Pakistanis want to handle Americans then they should analyze the case studies of Mahateer Muhammad, Mahmud Ahmadi Najad, Evo Morales, Fedel Castro, Hugo Chavez and other sincere people.

Politicians can never solve this problem, simply because they don’t have skills and those who have some skills are unfortunately foreign stooges. This trend will continue for the near future. It is these politicians who leak out secret information to America, India and Israel. This is not because they are congenitally defectors but simply because they are pretty much easy targets of foreign spies.

Posted By: Muhammad Amir | February 1, 2009 03:55:40 PM

One thought on “Be aware”

  1. It is very easy to write articles and post them on blogs .. Those who live here in Pakistan are not jugglers. We Pakistanis are extremely gutted by these politicians. They have betrayed the Nation. They have betrayed the Muslims of India. It was these who have divided Pakistan in 1971. These are security threat to Pakistan. Most of the them are working on the payroll of CIA/RAW/MOSSAD. I will give you just one example of … .. of East Pakistan was the foreign agent. He once said, “I will enter in West Pakistan by sitting in .. Tanks”. Can a patriotic .. ever think like that? A patriotic .. can never think so, but unfortunately, a defector politician had done so. Do you still possess any soft cordon for these defectors in your heart?

    You have also written that these “Dictatorship supporters” are involved in vicious propaganda against ANP and PPP. I am extremely sorry sir, these are anti-Pakistan Elements. When journalists asked about his loyalty, Abdul Wali khan replied, “I have been a Pashtun for six thousand years, a Muslim for thirteen hundred years, and a Pakistani for twenty-five years.” Dear sir, I have no disagreement with the words of Muhammad Amir. He has written this post because he may have experiences with these politicians. We are missing Gen. Musharraf, although, some of his decisions can be disagreed on some strong basis but his overall performance was much much better than those of the democratically elected… Dear Sir, supporting democracy means supporting civil dictatorship in Pakistan. Which is worst than military dictatorship. Dear Sir, you can not change Pakistan over a night, everything takes time to be adjusted.

    I am sorry to say that who are living in some advanced countries like USA want Pakistan to become USA in one day, which is extremely difficult. We have our own culture, values, norms and practices, we better know about our needs. Unfortunately, observers who are sitting outside Pakistan are not supporting Pakistan for improvement in education, healthcare, infrastructure and other developments. Dear Sir, we need to start everything from scratch and for all of this we need education, infrastructure, development, healthcare and other very important things. We do not need democracy. We need education, hygienic food, infrastructure, access to international markets and most importantly we need peace in country. Dear Sir, democratically elected people do not have skills to make things better. Wadeeras, Chowhdries, Saiines, khans, mukhdooms and I don’t know what else do not possess skills to save our nation from current catastrophe. It needs some heroic efforts and at least you can not expect these heroic efforts from corrupt politicians of Pakistan.

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