More ancient artifacts & objects excavated from Moen-jo-Daro

moen-jo-daroCourtesy and Thanks: Regional Times, Back Page, Wednesday, February 04, 2009.
RATODERO: A team of archaeologists, working on a rainwater drain near the explored DK-G area of Moen-jo-Daro, found more ancient artifacts and objects.

Rainwater stagnates in several parts of this world heritage site each year and causes immense damage to the site, its bricks and over 200 walls, which are in perilous condition due to negligence of the concerned provincial & federal government authorities including that of archeology department.
Well-defined structures of old drains were discovered along with certain old artifacts during the digging. “We had gone just half a metere down the level of surface of the old structures in the DK-G area and found the material of cultural value,’ Moen-jo-daro Director Qasim Ali Qasim told reporters.
An object called ‘elliptical lid’ was also found and according to Moen-jo-Daro curator Irshad Rid, it was something new for archaeologists. He said that prior to this digging no such object had been found at any site of the Indus valley civilization. The curator said that the last excavation of the site was done between 1927 and 1931 by E. J. H. Mackay, special officer for excavation of the Archaeological Survey of India and before that Sir John Marshal had excavated the ancient site. Since then, he said, no excavation in this portion had been done till to date. He said that the new finds could be related to the late period of Moen-jo-Daro and can reveal some important facts about the city and its inhabitants.
Rid said that the ‘elliptical lid’ might have been used for keeping ‘holy water’ or ‘ceremonial water’. ‘A miniature used for keeping medicines was also discovered from the site,’ the curator added. He expected to find more remains during the drain digging as some portions of the defined drain area were low-lying. The team, he said, would do the digging in an area about 100 feet long with the aim of constructing a drain so that rainwater could be disposed of in the old circular drain. Also, pieces of charcoal were found which, according to Qasim Ali Qasim, would be the authentic source to establish the age of the structures. -PPI.

One thought on “More ancient artifacts & objects excavated from Moen-jo-Daro”

  1. Out side people of out countries come to visit to Moen jo daro.Moen jo daro is oldest city,I think , Moen jo daro is well planned city.Moen jo daro used to deal with Harppa.

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