A turning point

WASHINGTON DIARY: A turning point
by Dr Manzur Ejaz, USA
February 3rd, 2009
The writer can be reached at manzurejaz@yahoo.com
Courtesy and Thanks: Wichaar.com
This is a very dangerous situation that may change the course of history. Poorer countries will be affected more than anyone is anticipating: there may be new bloody revolutions in many parts of the world

As the possibility of worldwide depression threatens to become reality, leftists are hoping that the capitalist system is coming to its logical end. Participants in recent demonstrations in France and elsewhere have been expressing such hopes. They feel that now the socialist dream has become more realisable than ever before.

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Upper Sindh- The No Go Area of Sindh

by Naseer Memon
The writer can be reached at nmemon2004@yahoo.com
We all feel the pain of what you have mentioned. Almost whole of the province but mainly the Upper Sindh districts are facing unprecedented rise of kidnapping and tribal clashes. I have noticed a sudden surge in kidnappings during recent months and surprisingly our CM says that the law and order situation is satisfactory. One wonders that more than a dozen people are under dacoits custody on any given day and tribal clashes coupled with police excesses are order of the day, what gives satisfaction to our rulers. We are now convinced that hidden hands in conivance with the tribal lords are responsbile for the state of law and order in the area.

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