Worst terrorism in Pashtun region is deplorable: Zar Ali Khan Musazai

P A S H T U N  D E M O C R A T I C  C O U N C I L
Pashtun Democratic Council deplores the ongoing worst situations in Pashtun region
Chairman Pashtun democratic council Zar Ali Khan Musazai has strongly condemned the ongoing worst situations in Swat saying that the non-state actors with the assistance of some agencies. The situations of Swat are deteriorated to the extent that even dead bodies of the human beings are exhumed out of the graves and put on the gallows in the busy market places under the very nose of the security forces to terrify the Pashtun to keep mum and bear the mental and physical agonies on their own and not to disclose the atrocities of the terrorists and the agencies involved in the crime against genocide of the Pashtun nation .

He also deplored what he termed as the destruction and annihilation of the youth particularly students both males and females whose schools are closed and threats have been issued to them by the extremist forces. Restricting students from schools is violation of the children and human rights. To seek education is the basic right of a child male and female alike. This is a tragic and shocking news to hear that schools in troubled and restive swat and FATA, are demolished and bombed. This is the violation of the human rights. Zar ali khan musazai expressed these views while talking with a delegation of the mashrans and influential political people of Swat and FATA in Peshawar the other day. He demanded of the govt.other international donors to come forward and provide shelter to the affectees of the war and adjust all those students in colleges and schools in Peshawar and other comparatively safer districts to get education scot free. He demanded of the NGOS, CSOs, donor agencies and international community to help the IDPs and make a suitable arrangement of the shelter medicine, drinking water, food and above all education for the children who left swat and came to Peshawar and other district. He assured the delegation that they would not leave them alone in this hour of need. The delegation thanked him for extending moral co-operation.

Issued by

Pashtun Democratic Council

Peshawar, Pakhtunkhwa


Ban on girls education in Swat
BY Zar Ali khan Musazai
Militants in Swat had threatened to schools to halt girls’ education by January 15 and in case of non- compliance of the order, the Schools would be bombed and demolished. When the students of Swat heard it both they and their parents fell in to shock and could express nothing except just looking at each other in a state of despair and sheer disappointment. They understand it that their future went bleak and dark. People living in Swat do understand that they are Muslims and Muslims know it that seeking education in Religion Islam is obligatory for both male and female alike and that’s the reason that the inhabitants of Swat let their children go to schools to obey the commandment of the prophet of Islam. But the militants in Swat are blind enough to the extent that they do not obey what their religion teaches them and obey all what is instructed by the promoters of the terrorists and enemies of the Pashtun /Afghan Nation. Militants claim that sending girls to schools is un-Islamic. We have said time and again that militants and military are one and the same and it is evident from the statement of a Punjabi – Pakistani foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Islamabad before media that militants fighting in swat and FATA against Pashtun are the patriotic Pakistanis. This one statement is enough that who are behind terrorists in Pashtun region. When militants are patriotic then Pashtun reserve the right to ask about all the destruction going on in Pashtun area as to who are responsible for the miseries of the Pashtun? The answer is simple and clear cut that only and only Punjabis are to be held responsible for the killing of Pashtun Mashran, political workers, journalists, tribal chiefs ,Children, women and youth on the hands of Taliban and Army which we consider one and the same. The former is working for the enemies, nefarious designs against Pashtun and Afghanistan while the latter is engaged fighting for the sake of getting dollars as they have no duty to perform. I would like to make it clear that we are not against the operation in our regions against terrorists but we do understand that it is a proxy and the ongoing operation is not meant against elimination of the terrorists rather it could be called as a friendly fire between militants and military. Since childhood we hear that Pakistan has a force which is inconvincible. Now we observe that the same Army is present in Swat and FATA to fight against terrorists but till this day we are unable to hear that they have captured the known terrorists and it further consolidated our thinking that today militants in Swat ordered to halt the girls’ schools. In the presence of more than 50000 forces how is it possible that a mullah will rise and issue what he wishes. I think that there are only one or two small roads leading towards Swat valley. If they are closed the entire drama could be brought to an end. This task can be performed by only two soldiers .If Pakistani Army is unable to eliminate the so called terrorists then they should voluntarily accept it and leave the brave Yousafzai Pashtun to set their home. All patriotic Pashtun in Swat and FATA should be armed and be backed by both Provincial govt. and international community and Pakistan will have no interference as this country could not set it for last several years. This problem could be solved in just few days but on the condition that Army will leave the area as people have lost confidence in it. We also request the federal govt of Pakistan and the Punjabi establishment to take their guests back their home Punjab and leave Pashtun at their own to set their home right. We understand it when Americans came to Kabul the terrorists were defeated there and were forced to flee and they were provided shelter by the friends of militants in the entire Pakistan. They were asked to remain dormant and go to hibernation for a while as the Bush was threatening the then Iraq president Saddam Hussain at that time and as Americans entangled there then the militants started coming out of their hide outs and set their sojourn towards Afghanistan to fight the ISAF and NATO forces. When Pakistan realized that Americans would not stop in Afghanistan and would move towards the areas administered by Pakistan then she started a civil war like situations in FATA and other Pashtun areas like Swat etc. Punjabis want to save Islamabad and Punjab from the Americans and NATO forces and that’s, the reason that today we see fire all around in Pashtun region as the Punjabis want to keep Americans busy in Pashtun Watan and do not let Americans come closer to them and to keep them engaged in the areas of Pashtun. In such circumstances on one hand they will get dollars and save Punjab and Islamabad while on other Pashtun and Americans will have to engage as I think both should ponder over and analyze the real situations and know who the real enemy has been working behind the scene? .The present scenario is destructive for Pashtun nation as the militants want to take us to the darkness of stone age and turn our nation towards ignorance which is not acceptable to us all. I would like to ask the international community as to why they came to Kabul and behind whom? Definitely they came behind terrorists in Afghanistan. When the same people are present in lower Pashtunkhwa why the international community is silent? .Our schools are demolished, bridged are bombed, political workers are assassinated, journalists are tortured, girls are halted to go to schools and the entire infrastructure was destroyed even the dead bodies were exhumed out of the graves and put on gallows in chowkes in front of the entire free world. All the government institutions were badly failed to control the destructive situations and save Pashtun nation from elimination. Now the international community should realize the situations and help Pashtun to save the future of their children from the darkness of the ignorance and to help create opportunities to enlighten their children with the candles of the modern day education so that this nation could walk side by side with the civilized world. The Punjabis stage protests and demonstrations against the bombardments of Israelis on the Palestine while they have never come out to mourn the destruction of the Pashtun which indicates their involvement in war in Pashtun area and their support for the militants and military alike.

Written by

Zar Ali Khan Musazai


Pashtun Democratic Council



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