Life of Afzal Khan Lala is under threat

By Zar Ali Khan Musazai, Peshawar
Please note: The writer is the Chairman of Pakhtun/ Afghan Democratic Council, Peshawar. He can be reached at-
Afzal Khan Lala is a Pakhtun Afghan leader who spent most of his time struggling for getting the rights of this nation. The enemies of Pashtun/ Afghans are bent upon to eliminate him physically and create a vacuum in the Pashtun for a leader of the caliber of Khan lala. It is evident to all including international community that Pashtun region is engulfed by the terrorists and their promoters

(Real establishment of Pakistan) for their ulterior motives at the cost of Pashtun/ Afghan Nation. Pakhtunkhwa is the worst victim these days. FATA and swat are the areas of Pashtun Nation where the brutality of terrorists have reached to the point that even the dead bodies of the dead are exhumed out of their graves and are put them to the gallows and punished. Innocent Pashtun are being beheaded for the crime which they have never committed. Life of the artistes is hell for them as the Islamists terrorists consider their art as anti Islam and against religion
which is a mockery as they are the cruel and do not see that in the broad day light they kill people which is not crime for them. Now a new report has come to media that the terrorists in Swat have issued a new so called verdict that girls’ students will not go to schools from January 15 which is a great injustice. What is the difference between those Taliban who were seated on the heads of Afghans in the Kabul before 2001 and these Taliban who have made Pashtun/Afghan as hostage in Pashtunkhwa? . Swat which was known as the Switzerland of the Pashtunkhwa has now turned as a hell. Almost all the political and influential people have either left for Peshawar or Islamabad, but the lonely Pashtun/Afghan leader Muhammad Afzal Khan who is known as Khan lala by the Pashtun/ Afghan and a symbol for the Afhan national unity is still staying in Swat whose life is under threat by the terrorists and promoters alike. His two grandsons were brutally killed
while he got wounded last year. His house was attacked several times and his several houses and property were demolished and destroyed by the apparently Islamist terrorists. As we all know that the situations in Swat are not favorable for khan lala and there are reports that terrorists are ready to attack on his house and assassinate him which will be a great loss for Pashtun/ Afghan at this critical time. When some one wants to talk to him neither his cell nor his land line phones respond easily as there is no electricity to recharge his phones. He is completely disconnected from the Pashtun and other people who wish to talk to him and ask his well being. This is very unfortunate for us all that we have left a man of the caliber of Khan lala. We have forgotten a man who has sacrificed his whole life for the rights of Pashtun/Afghans. We hear that several attempts have been made to get him ready to come to comparatively safer places like Peshawar and Kabul or some other place. But he refused to leave. Now it is the time for us all that we should compel him to come out of the Swat as we understand that the decision which we make will definitely be a political one. We also appeal to the Kabul government and International community to contact Khan lala and save his life as he is our precious asset and we all have to take steps to protect him from the venomous tentacles and fangs of terrorists and the promoters of the terrorists. All Pashtun should realize that it is the same case of Shaheed Dr. Najeebullah Khan who was martyred and still Pashtun mourn his martyrdom. If we did not raise this serious issue at international community and any thing worst occurred to the life of Pashtun leader Afzal khan lala then history will not forgive us.
Written by
Zar Ali Khan Musazai
Pakhtun/Afghan Democratic Council

One thought on “Life of Afzal Khan Lala is under threat”

  1. This is an important essay and we want to keep the world aware about all what is going on on our Pashtun region
    Danyal Talib
    Provincial secretary Information
    Peoples student federation

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