Taluka Pano Akil- High Negligence of Education Department

Letter to Editor – by Rahmat Ali

It is informed that I visited a village with my friends. The village’s name is “That” Mullali U.C-43 Taluka Pano Akil District Sukkur Sindh. There was a big structure of school but it wasn’t working/ functioning. It also didn’t have a single teacher for providing education to the children’ of the above village. When we asked Mr. Jeedan & Mr. Gumtar, the villagers, they informed us that the teachers are posted by the Government but no teacher is coming/providing education services to their children for a long period of time. It is a high negligence by Sindh Education Department with the villagers as well as their children. Therefore, I request to the high-ups of education department to take necessary action against the posted teacher and their heads that are not coming when they are supposed to be. I hope the Sindh Education Department will give an urgent attention to this matter.

January 27, 2009

13 thoughts on “Taluka Pano Akil- High Negligence of Education Department”

  1. pano akil is very beautiful and the people of pano akil are so honourables and aincere to their work.i love my pano akil very much and speacially the pano akils education system.So long live pano akil

  2. eid mubarak in advance to all pakistani and panoaqil peoples thanks
    aamir ali mahar llb

  3. salam to every one
    i am w.balouch from pano akil

    be educated smile always dont break some one heart.

    and remember me in ur fast prayers

    take care ur and ur lovers

  4. salam to every resident of pano akil,
    from pano akil

    be piece ful and help poors and be educated.

  5. pano akil is my home land. it is a well reputed n well cultered city of nt only sukkur bt whole the sindh
    it is so named due 2 its educational developments.
    there r more than 40 private schools n colleges in only a lil city.
    the well known institute mehran model school n college is also in panoakil.
    other thing for which pano akil is famous is presence of baiji shareef dargah, haleji shareef dargah n threchani dargah in it.
    the biggest cantoment of pakistan is also in panoakil which is very beautiful.

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