Injustice with Sindhis by PTV & Ministry of Information

by: Saeed Sangri, Khair pur, Sindh

You probably do not know that PTV is the one of most prestige Federal Institution in the country, which is under the control of Information Ministry and where appointments are made from Four province including Kashmir and FATA on equally basis. I would like to draw here over all postion of Employees in PTV.

Facts and Figures- It is worthy noted that 5810 people are working in PTV throughout Pakistan. If we divide Employees on Quota basis, Sindh can get 1000 Employees out of 5810 unfortunately Sindhis are not more than 350. It is surprised to know that No any Sindhi is on important Executive post.

Centrewise Employement

1.Lahore Centre—— ——746

No any Sindhi

2.Peshawar Centre—— –518

No any Sindhi

3.PTV Academy—– ——106 (where new employees are trained)

No any Sindh

4.PTV H Q———– ——110

No any Sindhi

5.Quatta Centre ———–503

Only 15 Sindhis are working

6.Karachi Centre ———891

Now I want to share here Karachi Centre where Sindhis are working more or less. Employees can be divided following section.

1.Adminstration Section

150 Naib Qasid——- —– No Sindhis

110 Drivers ———— 03 Sindhis only

112 Typests ———— 01 Sindhi

30 Security Guard —— 01 Sindhi

21 Assistant ——– 01 Sindhi

2.Engineering Section

233 Associate Engineers ——–Only 04 Sindhis

22 Centre TV Engineers ———– No Sindhis

61 Engineer were appointed in 2007 —- No Sindhi among them.

232 Resource Persons ———— Only 04 Sindhis (04 Civil

Engineers,06 Air Conditioned Engineers, 04 Electrical Engineers,They all belong to Punjab province).

40 Helpers ——- No Sindhis

3.Accountant Section

50 Assisatn Accountant ——- Only 01 Sindhi

Finance Section

60 Employees —– Only 05 Sindhis ( 33 Punjab, 12 N.W.F.P,10 F.A.T.A).

4.Marketing Section

34 Employees are appointed last 10 years ——– No Sindhis

5.Information Technolgy Section

164 Employees ——– Only 02 Sindhis

6.NEWS Section

130 Employees are working in News Section —- Only 02 Sindhis (125

Employees were appointed during 2007)

7.Current Affair Section

Note ( This information is basis of Newspaper,just open the eye of Sindhis)

Facts and Figures show that

What is injustice/disrimination with Sindhis in PTV? How Sindhis are kept away from Federal Institution? Who is responsible ?

It would like to ask to Government (President, P. M, C.M Sindh) to take notice and assure job Employees Quota on equally basis so that Sindhis can get due share in jobs in PTv. I also ask to Civil Society Members,Media, writers Developments Activitist etc to highlight this important issue.

January 26, 2009

12 thoughts on “Injustice with Sindhis by PTV & Ministry of Information”

  1. any one can give me information about ptv . how many jets gobs last 5 years in ptv . what ever u have information kindly share with me . im going to rit in court against ptv last 12 year im applying in ptv employ son quota but no any response . if u have any information kindly share with meabouts oppoitments in ptv last 5 years

  2. Mehran University of Science & Technology is the only university of pakistan which is included among the top 500 best engineering universities of the world. But the graduates of Mehran university never welcomed by bp pakistan company. Check yourselfs that most of the operators in the Badin area of bp pakistan company are from Mehran University so this is the great insult of sindhi engineers if they work as OPERATORS.

    Bp pakistan company is a gang of cheaters and liars with NO MORAL CHARACTERS. Ask anyone in the pakistani oil industry about the reputations of the bp pakistan company; full of biharis.

  3. I would like to appreciate your work, commitment, and dedication to Sindh and Sindhi people. Hope you continue this great national cause in the future too. If we feel responsibility, we should do more in this cause of sincerity, devotion and diligence in future too. God Bless you all. Thanks Again.

  4. All these are facts about bp pakistan petroleum company. Our geology graduates from university of sindh never recurited by bp pakistan petroleum company.

    Prof. Saeed Ahmed Bablani
    Department of geology
    university of sindh
    MSc in petroleum geoscience Norway

  5. I am from Badin area. I confirm that bp pakistan company never ever recurited any Executive/Engineer/Operator from the Badin area. They only recurited a handfull of contract “helpers” from the Badin area. Last time I have applied for the operator job at bp pakistan and appeared in the written test. I have passed the examinations BUT I was not in the final merit list. Only Urdu speaking/Mohajirs/Biharis from Karachi city were selected for the positions.

    Nasir Jatoi
    Chemical Engineer
    Mehran Engineering University

  6. Indus Asia Online Journal, IOAJ is continuously playing the role as a watch dog over the issue of Sindh and Sindhis. I would like to share here “Profile of Bill Gate” He is the role Modal of every Society.
    “We are the nation of Bill Gates”Ex-President Clinton says.
    “When Bill was attending Class in Hardward University”
    Teacher said to Bill Gate “pay attention on my words” that You can only become Truck Driver in your life. Students laughed on his remarks. Bill was student of mathematics. He opened the eye village saital in city of Washington on 28th-oct-1955.
    He launched his first ever “SOFT WARE”with his friend Paul Elen in 1975. Gradually his work moved on and produced some Soft ware parts. His Company earned good name in short time and many Banks opened new Branches in Soft ware Comapny Office.
    Bill Gate was only 38 years old when he became one of the richest in the world.He also recieves V.V.I.P Protocol like Head of the State in 35 Countries.
    Bill Gate announced on 16-june 2006 that “He will leave his Micro Soft Company on 1st july 2008 and spend whole life for the welfare of People in the world.
    Bill Gate launched Foundation with his wife Maldena on jan:2000.named “Bill and Maldena Gate Foundation” Today his Foundation is one of the largest in the world and its Assests/Capital about 29 Billion Dollar. His Foundation initiated its work on following categories.
    3.Library and Computer Skills/Knowledge.
    His Foundation spends one Billion Dollar on Students Scholarship and send 100 top most Students of 3rd world countries in Cambridge University. His Foundation constructed Computer History Musuim 15 Million Dollar and also spends Billion Dollar on “Polio Vaccination”.
    Bill Gate will shift himself from Micro Soft Company to his Foundation Office On 1st July 2008 and spend remaining life for the improvement of Health and Eduaction of common People in the world.

    “Serve the Humanity,Save the Humanity”.

    “Dream is not that what you see in ur sleep……but Dream is the thing which do not allow you to Sleep”

    Thanks & Regards
    Saeed Sangri

  7. i just happened to get into this site accidentally, and i feel strongly to tell my Sindhi brothers, that injustice does not prevail in your department only, but the ugly “injustice” is with most human being. What really matters is that before whom are you complaining, can you get any justice from from this world-order which is not in order. Seek Justice from the Creator who made the heavens and earth, and i pray you shall find it. i was a victim to injustice too, hurt and humiliated, but then i found not only justice but the very reason of my birth in this generation, when i came to know……… The Unspoken Peace and Love. haresh

  8. Injustice with Sindhi Engineers & graduates

    Sindhi engineers & graduates are only offered “low profile jobs”. Pls find the injustice with sindhi engineers & graduates in the biggest oil company operating in badin (bp Pakistan E&P INc.) below:

    BP Company ethnic diversity:

    Abbasi, Muhammad, Hashim; punjabi
    Abbasi, Hashim; bihari
    Afsar, Javaid; bihari
    Ahmad Tofeeq; punjabi
    Ahmad, Mansoor; punjabi
    Ahmad, Ijaz; pathan
    Ahmed Ghulam; bihari
    Ahmed M. Khalid; bihari
    Ahmed Manzoor; bihari
    Ahmed Mohiuddin; bihari
    Ahmed Iqrar bihari
    Ahmed Adnan; bihari
    Ahmed Afzal; bihari
    Ahmed Atiq R.; punjabi
    Ahmed Ejaz; pathan
    Ahmed Iqrar; bihari
    Ahmed Israr; bihari
    Ahmed Jamal; bihari
    Ahmed Junaid; bihari
    Ahmed Malik Hasnat; bihari
    Ahmed Naeem; bihari
    Ahmed Navaid; bihari
    Ahmed Naved; bihari
    Ahmed Naveed; bihari
    Ahmed Razzaq ; bihari
    Ahmed Rizwan; bihari
    Ahmed Sayeed; bihari
    Ahmed Shamim; bihari
    Ahmed Syed Asif; bihari
    Ahmed Syed F; bihari
    Ahmed Syed Junaid; bihari
    Ahmed Syed Zubairuddin; bihari
    Ahmed Tanveer; bihari
    Ahmed Toufeeq; punjabi
    Ahsan Shahid; ihari
    Akhter, Shakeel; hari
    Alam, Muzaffar M; bihari
    Ali Liaqat; bihari
    Ali Karamat;punjabi
    Ali Muhammad W; Bari
    Ali Kashif; bihari
    Ali M Wajahat; bihari
    Ali, Shakir; punjabi
    Ali, Shamim Haider; bihari
    Anis Asif; bihari
    Ansari Muhammad, A; bihari
    Arijo Nasir M; sindhi
    Asfar, Ali ; bihari
    Azam, Qazi Syed; bihari
    Baig Wahaj; bihari
    Bakhtiyar Shahid; sindhi
    Belinda, Precious; christian
    D’Souza Quinton; christian
    Ebdon, Christopher C; christian
    Faruqi, Sohai; bihari
    Fatimi, Mansoor A.; bihari
    Gohar, Muhammad; pathan
    Hasan Syed; bihari
    Hasan, Syed Khurram; bihari
    Hashmi, Halal Manzoor; bihari
    Hasnain, Azhar; bihari
    Hasnain, Syed Hadi; bihari
    Hasnat, Shazia; bihari
    Huda Shah N; sindhi
    Hughes, Samuel C; christian
    Hussain Syed M; bihari
    Hussain Tariq M; bihari
    Hussain, Syed Manzoor; bihari
    Imam, Mozaffar; bihari
    Iqbal, Muhammad Zafar; punjabi
    Jalal Hamid; bihari
    Jamil Farhan; punjabi
    Javed, Muhammad; bihari
    Kalhoro, Waheed Ali; sindhi
    Kazi, Rafiq Akthar; sindhi
    Khamisani, Tariq President; agha khani
    Khan Arshad; bihari
    Khan Alim; bihari
    Khan Asad A; bihari
    Khan Jawed A; bihari
    Khan Muhammad, H; bihari
    Khan Abdul Aleem; bihari
    Khan Abrar Ahmed; bihari
    Khan Aftab A; bihari
    Khan Akhtar Abbas; bihari
    Khan Asad A.; bihari
    Khan Azhar Saeed; bihari
    Khan Baz; pathan
    Khan Ijaz A.; bihari
    Khan Ikram Ullah; bihari
    Khan Imran; bihari
    Khan Imran Wahid; bihari
    Khan Inamullah; pathan
    Khan Javed; bihari
    Khan Javed Akhter; bihari
    Khan Khalid M; bihari
    Khan Khalid S.; bihari
    Khan M. Haroon; bihari
    Khan M. Nasir; bihari
    Khan M. Rashid; bihari
    Khan M. Younus; bihari
    Khan M. Zafar; punjabi
    Khan Manzar Y.; bihari
    Khan Mohammad Jawed; bihari
    Khan Mohammad Khalil; bihari
    Khan Navaid A.; bihari
    Khan Omayma; bihari
    Khan Shahzad Noor; bihari
    Khan Zahid Hussain; bihari
    Khan, Khalid M; bihari
    Lashari, Javed; Sindhi
    Mahmood, Sajid; bihari
    Malik, Arif H.; bihari
    Mehdi Bilal T; bihari
    Memon Abdul Lateef U; sindhi
    Memon Liaquat; sindhi
    Memon Sajjad A; sindhi
    Memon, Lateef; sindhi
    Mirza Salman; bihari
    Moghul Rafique; sindhi
    Moin Saad; bihari
    Morai Ghulam M; sindhi
    Nahiyoon Shah Nawaz; sindhi
    Nahiyoon, Shahnazaw; sindhi
    Naqvi, Abbas Raza; bihari
    Naqvi, Ali Azfar; bihari
    Nensey Safdar H; bihari
    Notkani Imtiaz H; sindhi
    Noureen, Nighat; bihari
    Pathan Asrar A; pathan
    Pervez, Arshad; bihari
    Qayyum Atif; bihari
    Qureshi, Ikram A.; bihari
    Qureshi, Talat M.; bihari
    Rahman Fazal U; bihari
    Ramnani Baghchand N; sindhi
    Rana Tauqeer; punjabi
    Rehmani, Nasir Khan; bihari
    Rizwan, Sahibzada Haider; bihari
    Sadiq, Farhan; bihari
    Sahib – E; bihari
    Sahto Mohammed I; sindhi
    Sajjad Hina; bihari
    Saleem Saad; bihari
    Shah Syed S; bihari
    Shaikh Aamir M; bihari
    Shaikh Muhammad N; bihari
    Shaikh Tariq; sindhi
    Shamim Mohammad; bihari
    Sheikh Abdullah M; bihari
    Siddiqi, Sarmad; bihari
    Siddiqui Muhammad; bihari
    Siddiqui,Sarmad Saleem; bihari
    Syed Ehtesham U; bihari
    Syed, Hadi H; bihari
    Saad Salman; bihari
    Tufail Mohammad A; bihari
    Waheed Adil; bihari
    Waheed Arif; bihari
    Waseemuddin, Mohammad; bihari
    Wasimuddin Mohammed; bihari
    Zahoor Mohammad S; bihari

  9. Truth about BP’s community development in Badin?

    Dear Sathio:
    District Badin is most southern District of the country having population of 1.5 million. by natural resources it is richest District of Pakistan Due to huge reservoirs of high quality Natural Petroleum and natural Gas.
    In the 2000 it was declared the poorest District of the Country by World Bank. And Government of Pakistan. The poverty rate is 90%.
    The extractive industry emerged Badin in early 80s, now all the extractive operations and production are carried out by a Single Multinational Company British Petroleum BP.
    Badin Rural Development Society (BRDS) is rights base non- profit Civil Society organization of indigenous people of Badin.
    BRDS has raised voice for the right share of the local people from Multinational Companies time by time .but unfortunately the British Petroleum BP continuously deny the rights of Local Communities; even they are not ready to share the information about the agreement documents which has been signed with government of Pakistan.
    Recently Team of excellent Sindhis at USA and around the world has extended the pressure on British Petroleum to fulfill the community development responsibilities .In return the Country Manager of BP Pakistan as well as a report published in locals periodical Badin Magazine supported by BP have claimed various development intervention which are based on bundle of lies, disinformation and exaggeration.
    (A Detailed report about the real facts and figures is also attached here with)
    In this connection BRDS with Action Aid Pakistan (AAPK) is going to organize a consultation Meeting with Local Communities, politicians, intellectuals, journalist and other civil society activists at Badin on 12th of April 2005. to discuss the real situation and develop a strategy for the future struggle for the rights of the indigenous People of BADIN.
    In this regard , your support and guidance will be real share in a noble cause .
    If you have any quarry or Need more clarification feel free to contact
    Khadim Hussain
    Program Manger
    Ph- 0297-862046,744915,744066
    A Detail Report On British Petroleum Claims:
    (This report is based on the claims made by Country Manager of British Petroleum in a emailed letter to Mr. Khalid Hashmani Member of Sindhi Excellent Team at Washington as well as a report published by British petroleum BP in a recent Issue of Local Magazine.)
    The Local Communities has a long history of their Struggle to achieve their right share From Multinational Companies operating in the area.
    Shaheed Fazil Rahoo who was a legend of this cause was assassinated in a mysterious condition on 17th January 1987.Dr. Akash Ansari the political colleague of Shaheed Fazil has never let down the flag of Shaheed through his writing, Poetry and raising voice for the indigenous and marginalized communities by a most Active civil Society Organization ie Badin Rural Development Society (BRDS).
    The Facts and Figure finding Team (FFFT) was formed By BRDS in the end of the February to make a impartial, real picture of ground scenario. The Team Members Were:
    · Dr. Akash Ansari
    Khadim Hussain
    Atiq Raja
    Ms. Ishrat Qambrani
    Ms .Shazia Pusio
    The FFFT visited all the villages of operational area , met with communities, various stake holders ,land owners, whose lands are leased by BP, District Adminsration,Distric Nazim (District council chairman,) Executive District officers (EDOs) of health , Roads, Public Works and Community Developments. Some members of team met with the representatives with British Petroleum came from Karachi, Islamabad and Field units at District Nazim Office, where they promised to share all necessary information but despite various reminders they failed to provide any information up to date.
    The team also recorded a video film and took photographs of all the development work claimed by BP and team also recorded the comments of local communities.
    In early 80’s of last century a huge reservoirs of Natural Oil and Gas was explored at two Taluka’s i-e Golarchi (Now called Shaheed fazil) and Matli of District Badin. By an American Company Union Taxes Pakistan (UTP).
    In 2000 these all operations were handed over to a British Oil Company called British Petroleum BP.British petroleum (BP) exploration and production is a multinational company having operations around the world. British petroleum is operating at District Badin since 2000 which is providing largest portion of Oil and Natural Gas of the total production of the country .As an international corporate sector BP has a responsibility to spend a fixed amount of the profit for the betterment of the local communities those are living in the surroundings of the Operational Area.
    The Fact Figure Finding Team found the following ground realities:

    Drinking Water Mega Scheme Claim:
    British Petroleum Claimed that, Following Water schemes has been provided to for the betterment of Communities.
    Over 1200 hand pumps at cost of ($ 135000) over 8 million Rupees.
    Total beneficiaries 30000
    Field Team Findings:
    After the Visit of more than the 70% of Operations area of the Company,
    o We did not find a single hand pump provided by the British Petroleum.
    We also had meeting in twenty five villages those are living very next to walls of the fields
    o The area especially union council Ahmed Rajo is facing severe shortage of river water since eight years , and under ground water is saline But Company Did not give them a Drop of water and some times communities drink and take bath with the drains water which contains chemicals, industrial waste and pesticides coming from upper stream .
    The Fields area looks very beautiful and bright at night time But children of the real owners of the wealth has not lamp for the home work. And as they have the darkness in the life they would have the dark future.
    Mostly the owners of the lands which are occupied under the operations by the company are complained for receiving very meager amount. In return of their fully cultivable agriculture lands. Not receiving proper or Right Amount.
    Mr. Umar Samejo resident of Village Sameja Near Khorwah Chock Oil Field told that, he receives only sixteen thousand Pakistani rupees from BP while this land can give us agriculture production of more than rupees 80,000 per year.

    Infrastructure Development Claim:
    488 Km of roads were made by the Company
    40 bridges and Canals were constructed for the people.
    1000 water courses were made.
    Approximately ($ 2.5 million) are used for infrastructure Development.
    Team findings:
    All the roads are not made for the communities but due to Marshy area Company’s Oil tankers and other logistic machinery and vehicles can not move easily and roads are directly linked with Production fields not with the local Villages.
    District Badin is also called the land of Drains which carries contaminated water to pour in the Arabian Sea. For the Mobility of heavy machinery and vehicles, movable Iron Bridges are made which can be move from one place to an other easily.
    Not a Single Water course was found made by the BP.
    The money has been invested in the area just to provide support to the British Petroleum (BP) itself.
    Employment Claim:
    Over 60% of staff working in BP’s field operations are from Sindh,where as approximately 42% of all BP Pakistan employees belong to the same region.
    Team Findings: Total permanent employee 600
    Sindhi permanent employee 40 to 50
    Contract Employee 1000
    Sindh employee in contract job 100 to 150.
    Case Study:
    In 2004 the posts of Maintenance Trainee were Announced by the British petroleum and written test contract was awarded to an other private firm named ENI Executives. After written test only a single Boy from District Badin was qualified and he was called for final interview.
    After the silence of many days some friends explored that, what happened?
    And they got information that, all the position are filled and more than 80% were Urdu speaking were selected and a only Boy who was indigenous of District Badin was made disqualified by the Authorities of Karachi Office those are Mostly from out Sindh .
    If the company is giving priority to the local people then why a only single person from the Operational Area was discriminated by these people.
    (Final interview letter can be provided on request)

    Company Claim:
    In 1992, at a cost of RS.10 million ($45,000).BP and its joint venture partner, accidental petroleum Inc set up the government girls Degree College in is the only girl’s college in the area.
    Field Team Findings:
    Matli Girls Collage donated by Union Taxas with its Joint partners i.e. oil and gas development corporation Pakistan (OGDC) and Oxydental Petroleum Incorporation ,not British Petroleum.
    Due to poor raw material it has been damaged at lot off places.
    In 1992 BP established a computer center for girls at the government girls degree college, is only such facility for female students in the area. The center was later upgraded when BP donated 10 Pentium -3 desktop computers (plus accessories) at a cost of RS.600, 000($12000). BP also supports the center by donating the salary of the only female computer instructor in the area. Field Team Findings:
    It was observed that Computer centre is not Functioning properly.
    The claim of Desk top computers was not verified.
    Claim :
    BP claims that it has had its fair share of major natural disasters. a flood in 2003 followed by crippling rains in 2004 ,left the people of Badin devastated. BP and its joint venture partner occidental petroleum Inc joined local efforts with the government to help alleviate what was a desperate situation. Food was distributed; dry ration bags were handed over district administration, vehicles supplied to transport the affected to relief camps and other relief equipment were also supplied such as medicines and water pumps. Over Rs. 12 million ($200,000) have been contributed to the area for relief efforts.
    Field Team Findings:
    In 2003 a major flood Disaster happened due to Left Bank out fall Drain (LBOD), which carries the highly contaminated water and made 128 breaches in one night and twelve Union Council came under sever flood.
    Which caused many causalities, lost of property thousands of million of rupees.
    Accordance to the people of the area as well as information given by government Authorities not a single penny was given for the relief or rehabilitation for the affectees. The comments of District Coordination Officer (DCO) who was the coordinator of district Disaster committee are also attached.
    How ever some vehicles were provided by BP to District government for few weeks.

    BP is of the firm belief that promoting sports activities encourages the development of healthier communities. as a result, BP regularly supports sports event, BP has constructed sports complex in Badin .complex was completed in 2000 at a cost of Rs. 1 million($20,000).Field Team Findings:
    There is no any sports complex but a single room Squash court was made by the Union Texas not BP in early nintees on the desire of then sitting deputy commissioner Major (Rtd) Iqbal Ahmed who was a very found of squash game..Kario Ghanwar Health Centre:
    Claim: BP’s First Health Project in Pakistan. Established in 1988 at Kario Ghanwar Badin. Provides medical assistance to approximately to 25000 residence living in area at cost of Ten Million Rupees. Company also provides much needed medicines free of cost.
    Field Team Findings:
    · This is not hospital but just a Dispensary which was built by union Texas and handed over to Sindh Government.
    Dispensary running by singles Doctor and a Dispenser.
    The condition of the Dispensary was not able to admit the patients.
    Medicines are not provided by the Company but some times few injections of Anti snake Venom are provided.

    It is observed that since last few years the representatives of Comments from DCO Badin.
    District Coordination Officer (DCO) the Head of District Administration has sent following comments about the real situation regarding the British Petroleum in his letter to BRDS reveals that:
    · Some community development intervention were carried out by Union Texas But after the 2000 as the company British Petroleum who claims for being a successor of union Texas nothing has done for the community Development at All .
    · In the sectors of Health, Education and infrastructure there is never seems any initiative by British Petroleum in the whole District especially in the Operational Area.
    · Union Council Ahmed Rajo and Khor wah, where have the maximum number of Oil production units are going to be become at worst stage of the poverty day by Day.
    · The existing infrastructure of government has been damaged severely by the company’s logistic and operational movements.
    · Company has little number of local People working not as permanent but they have been handed over to the contractor and heir Social and legal rights have been violated. They are on the mercy of contractors who always exploit them in the favor of company.
    · As we observed that environment in the operational areas of Badin is badly affected by the activities of BP.
    the company made various promises and after passing time they did not keep the promises. They only made lip services.

  10. Yes! there are always a great in-justice to sindhi engineers and graduates everywhere. just look the petroleum industry of sindh province. the sindh province produces around 60% of the total country oil and gass but less than 10% of the whole sindh oil industry labour force are ethnic sindhis. One example is bp pakistan company which works in Badin area. the company is commonly known as BIHAR PETROLEUM COMPANY.

  11. Great post, definitely look forward to reading some more quality articles in the future. I myself am involved heavily in SEO and search marketing and am always looking for new ways to branch out.

  12. Get an education and then you will get a job. Employment is not a handout. We need a meritocracy. We are fortunate to have a Sindhi president and speaker of parliament. We also have a Sindhi nationalist as head of Radio Pakistan.

    Appointments should be made on merit. We need equal opportunity for all. That means a strong education system and end to feudal system. An end to Punjabi, Baloch, Seraiki, Pathan, and Sindhi feudal system means freedom for the impoverished Pakistani — irrespective of his or her ethnicity/mother tongue.

    All these feudals are the same. They keep their workers like slaves and hold them back.

    They make us identify politically as Sindhis, just to give us a convenient object to hate: Punjabis or Urdu speaking Pakistanis.

    I believe the only nationalism we should have is Pakistani. We are Pakistanis first, Sindhis second. We need development in rural Sindh, not quotas. Every province should have education in the regional language, Urdu, and English. We have that. And we need a good degree of provincial autonomy AND good governance.

    Do we simply want to empower feudals?

    I think of the poor Sindhis, Baloch, Punjabis, Seraikis, and Pathans who suffer under the hands of feudals, in their private prisons, with their homes invaded by men who rape their wives.

    Let us realize that we have been fooled, bamboolzed by politicians that use factional politics to make their pockets more full.

    If we unite with ALL of Pakistanis based on socio-economic justice, then ALL Pakistanis from Sindh to Sarhad (Pashtunkhwa/Afghania) will be prosperous.

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