Sindh’s wildlife in danger

CM permits hunting in Nara

By Bhagwandas
Courtesy and Thanks: Daily Dawn
KARACHI, Jan 24: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has allowed some people to hunt partridges in the Nara game reserve on Sunday, it has been learnt.

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Oil, Obama, And Pakistan- By Ahmed Quraishi

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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan-Publicly, America’s most immediate challenge after the government change is Afghanistan and Pakistan. Privately, in Washington’s power corridors, it is oil.

Oil, and not al Qaeda, is threatening to knock America off global leadership. President Obama takes over a country whose global economic leadership is threatened by dwindling oil reserves and a dogfight over whatever remains.

Oil is running out, fast. And the remaining oil, including new reserves, lie in other people’s lands, closer to Russia, China, Europe and other powers. America’s global supremacy rests on an economic system based on easy access to oil. If someone else gets that oil, America loses.

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