IMRAN KHAN- He works for whom?

Imran Khan

By Dr Ayoub Shaikh, UAE
The innocence of Imran Khan made him (nowhere) as he was badly used / misused by the Agents of General Pervez Mushrraf for more than 8 years. He thinks that he will be taken as “Hero” for all times in wake of his +ve background of SHAUKAT KHANUM MEMORIAL HOSPITAL and Cricket , he played.

“Tahreek Insaaf” chief Mr Imran Khan who always uses various TV channels to speak for merits and justice has once again started to malign and tarnish the image of Country’s top leader Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, chairperson of Pakistan Peoples Party. He is welcome in politics but he may do a lot on the forum of charity like our legendry Abdul Sattar EDHI and Ms Bilqis Edhi and Faisal Edhi. But he is adamant to make all as controversial.
Under the orders of (1) General Pervez Mushrraf and (2) On the shoulders of retired ISI chief General hameed Gul and company he has been acting as Agent Provocateur in the country just to make a mess and confusion against the politics and political leaders in the country just before days of general elections of Pakistan. His main aim to spread confusion and malign Ms. Bhutto is to suppress the people’s interest on the day of Polling because, he and chaudhrys think that Massive voting would erase their names from the power corridor.
Before his new duty/ assignment he performed following:
1. Took active part and became Polling Agent of General Pervez Mushrraf in Presidential Referendum.
2. Proven as Agent Provocateur against politics and he used to malign leadership and never touched the former government and its minister’s role against democracy
3. Made Alliance with MMA leaders Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Maulana Fazal Rehman and entered into close contact with Mushrraf people.
4. All three ( while forgetting Lal Masjid incident because it was done under Gen Pervez Mushrraf) came in UK and started conspiracy to break ARD to weaken Ms. Bhutto against the General.
5. They succeeded in conspiring and pulled Mian Nawaz Shareef from ARD and made another new political Alliance, aimed at separating political parties and groups from Ms.Bhutto.
6. when the PMLN chief came to Pakistan he was not welcomed by newly formed APDM and they secretly planned to make his return to Saudi Arabia. Because in presence of Mian Nawaz Shareef all his bakwas would have no place and MMA (being political partner of PMLN) could have felt difficulty to run its show for the general.
7. Now General Pervez Mushrraf wanted to keep PPP and PMLN out of elections (just to facilitate Mr Pervez Illahi and Ch Shujat Hussain) Imran Khan started against the participation in election. In the name of Civil Society and Just Cause he tried a lot to pressurise both parties but, in vain. He failed. Could not succeed.
8. People of Pakistan who are virtually under the great burden of military rule since past 8 years, particularly have another view and they did not show respect to the Agents of General Pervez Mushrraf.
9. Once more, he will come before the people of Pakistan and on Some TV channel for an APOLOGY from Nation against his wrong doings and misdeeds and that apology and realization would be another preparation for an attempt against the people of Pakistan. Be ware ply.
He thought people will forget his supportive action to act as main AGENT for Presidential referendum of General Pervez Mushrraf. Now he has been assigned to project anti-election politics best suits to the people who have hired him.
The main stream parties PPP, PMLN and others are busy in election politics. The first 2 parties have ignored and did avoid moral attacks of Imran Khan on leadership as a mark of (tolerance) just to send a silent message to Imran Khan to behave democratically.
Mr. Khan who is silent on the 8 years long role of his mentor Mr. President Pervez Mushrraf and (his) financer former Punjab Chief Minister Mr Pervez Illahi but never remain silent and continue to criticise vehemently the top leaders of PPP and PMLN. In his recent statements he has now chosen only PPP leadership for frontal attacks, because he sensed that he might bite a dust in Punjab if make any filthy statement against Shareef brothers.
We can’t afford negativism of Imran Khan and company on their contribution for Shaukat Khanum Hospital and Pakistani cricket. On the basis of good things nobody will support any nefarious designs. And nobody would allow him to misuse these things for his personal wrongs. Yesterday’s good man could be harmful to whole Nation today on the basis of some welfare shields.
Bad-mashi and bad-kalami in the name of just and sacred cause, in the name of Pakistan, in the name of People and democracy and religion can’t be allowed and afforded.
People do want change through ballot and main political parties take part in elections. I don’t see any difference in the Imran khan who helped General Pervez Mushrraf with the start of New Century, where people wanted democracy and at that time he had anti-people moves in his mind.
Somebody must ask Mr Imran Khan about following:
Imran Khan is silent against former government, Chaudhry Shujat Hussain and others, why?
What he wants? Who should win? People or anti-people?
Why Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Maulana Fazal Rehman and Imran Khan helped General Pervez Mushrraf and made drifts in ARD. Later, they formed and broke APDM? What cost and reward?
• when ARD was against General Mushrraf, why they were keen to break it
• When APDM leader played against the wishes of General Musharraf and decided to participate in elections they break and left APDM
• Now they act and propagate against the elections, because they are afraid that President P. Mushrraf may be in trouble in case of (unwanted) results. So (in the name of brave judges) they have held the flag high against the elections.
• Likewise, Qazi Hussain Ahmed (who at one time in MMA for Generals , at other time hurled his men to beat Imran Khan in Punjab University) was a vibrant part of 17th Amendments and now after taking part in govt for 5 years they have started hue and cry against elections. Look! Under the best instructions of one nucleus how Mr Qazi and Mr Imran work together?
They are afraid for the day when people will get understand all drama in the name of wholly things and conspiracy against the politics hatched by Mullahs and so called Modern people like, Imran Khan.
Democracy must prevail.
Democracy must be nourished
Democracy must be advocated
Democracy is a Right not a GRANT
Democracy is a System for tolerance
Can Mr. Hameed Gul, Mr Qazi Hussain and their modern ally Imran Khan play pro-people politics ? If not than best way to ignore these people. We tolerate them as pro- Mushrraf agent. Intolerant, anti-people, coward and hired man.
Dr Ayoub Shaikh

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