What are allergies?

An allergic reaction is an exaggerated response of the body’s immune system to a foreign substance such as dust or pollen. The immune system reacts by overproducing large amounts of the immunoglobulin E molecule, releasing histamine which in turn triggers inflammation and produces allergy symptoms. Antihistamines provides the most effective allergy symptom relief when taken at the first sign of your allergic symptoms.

Asif Zardari was imprisoned for 8 years by ruthless rulers

Asif Zardari
Asif Zardari

by A. Latif Khuhro, Columbus, OH, USA
…11 years of persecution where BB was hounded, Asif Zardari was imprisoned for 8 years by ruthless rulers, Mush and Nawaz Sharif who were not just political opponent but personal enemies of Bhuttos and Sindhies could not prove any thing. Probably they needed another 30 years to prove the allegations. BB was appearing in court in Lahore in the morning, in afternoon in the Rawalpindi and next morning in Karachi. She was late for one hour in court at 8.30 and she was imprisoned in court for whole day…

G. M. Syed Memorial Awards

gm_syedJanuary 17th, 2009
Two Luminaries Honored for their Contributions to Sindhi Society
HOUSTON, TX and LONDON, UK, Two Sindhi luminaries, Abdul Wahid Areesar (59) of Umerkot, Sindh and Sunder Agnani (73) of Jaipur, India, were conferred with the prestigious ‘G. M. Syed Memorial Awards 2008’ in recognition of their contributions to Sindhi identity, culture and Sindhi Rights movement..

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