Letter to Bibi in heaven

by Ali Nawaz Memon Senior Vice President PPP, USA
The writer can be reached at: sindhhouse@hotmail.com
Dear Bibi Asalam Alaikum I hope and pray that you are safe and protected in heaven. Thanks to your ultimate sacrifice, our PPP won the elections. PPP has been in power for almost a year. I think that NRO that you negotiated has been misinterpreted. All those who could not be prosecuted for their misdeeds because they had run away, are back through NRO. All past crimes have been forgiven. Precedent has been set for forgiving future crimes too. Accountability has been abolished. You will be surprised to know that these runaways have the real power rather than the parliament. I am sorry to report that we still do not know who was behind your murder. Our party has control over all the police, all the investigative agencies and all the files, but we have done little to find the murderers.

Yes, we did write a letter to UN several months ago. Yes, we have sent plane loads of leaders to New York, but we have been too busy to find out what UN did to our letter about you. Common people voted for you with their hearts and heads. But it has not done them much good. We have safely stored PPP manifesto. We have forgotten roti, kapra and makan. There is no improvement in life of common citizens as we had planned and worked for during your years in exile. The cost of living has sky rocketed partly due to rise in international prices and partly due to same level of inefficiency and corruption. Recently, the prices have come down in international market place, but there is no significant reduction at home. The law and order situation is worse than before. Terrorists as well has local crimnals have afree hand. We have imported lots of bullet proof cars but there is little protection for common people who loved you and voted for you. We were going to do so much to create new jobs. Yes, we have created some. But they are auctioned to the highest bidder or reserved for the families of powerful. Common people continue to commit suicide for not being able to feed their families. Bibi, people had hopes from you. But now we have business as usual. If some one is brave enough to question, our leaders say that they need more time. But, the sad thing is that they do not even talk of plans for substantive improvements in people’s lives. People donot fit in their priority. They are too busy with international issues. Internationally, Pakistan has beome known as a terrorist country. The world powers seem to agree. Pakistanis are finding harder to travel. visas are rare. Questioning at the internal borders for Pakistanis is tough. We may or may not have a war with India, but more bombings and insecurity is inevitable.No body wants return of general or undemocratic government. All we want is work towards keeping your promises to people. Yes, we want dividends of democracy. PLEASE SEND A SIGNAL TO OUR LEADERS. Make them perform better, if you can.

With love and affection from millions to you.

Ali Nawaz Memon Senior Vice President PPP, USA 7204 Antares Drive, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879 Phone 301-869-5447

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