Who runs Pakistan?

pakistan-federal-assemblyPlease pause for honest soul searching!
by Babar Ayaz
The writer can be reached at: ayazbabar@gmail.com
Courtesy and thanks: babarayaz.wordpress.com
A German journalist, who heads the South Asia Bureau of ARD Radio and is based in New Delhi, was visiting Pakistan last week. His question to me was very direct and blunt: “Who runs Pakistan?” By implication the question was loaded, as it means that there is a doubt in the international community that the new democratic government is the real ruler. In the context of the recent Mumbai attack, it also shows that the thrust of the reporter’s story would be that the PPP-led government is not controlling the India policy of Pakistan. So, all the talk of President Zardari to open up trade and investment doors between the two countries is at best his personal opinion.

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