Save the Subcontinent

peaceNo War demonstration in Lahore
Report by: Javed Ahmad, Lahore, Pakistan
While the accelerating danger of war between India and Pakistan, a peace demonstration in Lahore on 20 December demanded no war between the two countries. Over 100 activists of Labour Party Pakistan and Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party demanded an end of war of fanaticism.

They demonstrators were chanting slogans ” we want peace, Peace not war, bread not bomb, jobs not bombs, No to
imperialism and no the religious fundamentalism, long live the friendship of peoples of Pakistan and India, Labour against war, people against war and we want peace. They were holding banners and posters.

Speaking on the occasion, Farooq Tariq spokesperson Labour Party Pakistan said that we are not the policies of
Pakistan Peoples Party who are siding with imperialism. “We totally oppose the policies of the religious fanatics who are calling for a holly war on the name of Jihad with India.
We do not want a war in any case. The Indian and Pakistani ruling classes are acting on the direction of American imperialism and American imperialism is not creating a friendship between the two countries but promoting a war like
situation. However, these countries are partners with Americans on the so-called war on terror but American imperialism is the one that is promoting terrorism internationally. We must demand the two governments to hold talks independently and without any interference of Americans” he told the demonstrators.

Ali Jan of CMKP spoke about the state responsibilities in promoting the peace and not war. “we must a peoples
movement to stop the fanaticism of war. We must fight the religious fundamentalism who are promoting the war like situation” Ali Jan said.

The demonstrators d\were holding red flags and thousands of passer byes saw the unique peace demonstration at the
time when most of the people are told to be ready for war. Several people waved to the demonstrators.

3 thoughts on “Save the Subcontinent”

  1. This whole drama is conceived by the American rulers as part of larger plot to counter the rising threat\competition to the American Supremacy in the coming century that is mainly from China.The American economy being in a downward spiral,they have only option to use their military strength before China overtakes them in that aspect also. They want to encircle China by establishing military bases around it (Afghanistan,Pakistan ,India ,Myanmar ,Indonesia, Korea,Japan)and weaken its allies one by one.
    They have used Pakistan against Afghanistan to wage an unjust ‘War on Terror’ and have built permanent base(s) there.Now they want an entry into Pakistan.For this they will use all types of pressure tactics like sponsoring separatist factions to disrupt peace in that country,mobilize international community to label Pakistan as main breeding ground of terrorists.
    Towards this end the Americans pressurizing India to join them taking advantage of the historical differences between the two neighbours. America knows that India ,because of its economic growth in past decades, is a big market and it wouldn’t want to lose,hence the shift in its policies like the Nuclear deal.Pakistan on the other hand is struggling economically and has less purchasing power for American Arms.It also sees India as a potential ally against China and want to neutralise the Pakistani threat to it from the west.

    All around the world wherever the Americans are involved they are not interested in solving issues but in ensuring that the issues remain unsolved or to create enmity between neighbours.(eg. Iran & Iraq ,N.Korea & South Korea ,Russia & neighbours).
    My appeal to all peace loving Indians and Pakistanis is to realize that it is the old British strategy of ‘Divide and Rule’ that is being employed by the American rulers and not fall into the trap once again.We must not forget that we cannot choose our neighbours and it is in mutual interest to have peaceful relations with one another.

  2. In response to neel123, what’s the purpose in having a war with Pakistan? That doesn’t make sense at all! Why not help Pakistan eliminate the terrorists that are rising in power in their country? Why not make an alliance to end the reign of the terrorists who are commiting these terrible acts? What’s the point in killing innocent people in Pakistan? Just to get revenge over the attacks on Mumbai? Killing is always wrong. There is a better solution than war. Forming an alliance and eliminating those bastards who think it’s right to kill other people is the solution. In this case, war is the wrong answer.

  3. Staging peace rallies in Pakistan means little, as long as army and the ISI continues to protect the terrorists groups, that carryout attacks on Indian soil.
    India has run out of its choices, war is the only solution. The peace loving people in Pakistan, who make the majority, will pay with their lives for the wrongs committed by their army.
    There is no point blaming the Americans, India will do what it takes to protect its own interest. Let Pakistan make it sown choice and face the consequence.

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