Prominent Sindhi poet Tajal Bewas passed away in Karachi

Prominent Sindhi poet Tajal Bewas passed away in Karachi,  on Saturday, 13 December, 2008 morning. He was 70. Tajal Bewas was hospitalized in Karachi after paralysis attack during a literary meeting few days ago. He will be laid to rest at Chowkandi Graveyard, Karachi..

9 thoughts on “Prominent Sindhi poet Tajal Bewas passed away in Karachi”

  1. i can not express the sorrow and sad feelings in my heart for this greatest loss of sindh after sheikh ayaz.I am very small before this great personality so cant express him and pay tribute.I can remember i have just met this person once in my life he is not only a great poet but also a great human being and innocent and true lover of sindh.I feel proud that he gave me his biography with his hand written name,
    May be this gap can never be filled and we cant have such a great person in history.
    God bless his soul in jannt. Ameen

  2. It was shock for me to read about sad demise of Tajal. great loss after Ustad Bukhari & Sheikh Ayaz, which couldn’t be fill May Allah Rest His Soul in Peace. AAmeen . ” Ghoran Aein Ghotan Jian Thorra Denhara, Kadhein Manjh Kotan Kadahein Rahi Rinn ja.

  3. Baba Bewas,i missing my baba to much he will be always with us.I am proud to be a daughter of tajal bewas…:”[

    1. Sanam! I was just watching web site of Sindhi Poets. I was shocked to read about sad demise of your father. Allah Awhan Khay Sabur atta Fermay. AAmeen. It is real your father was Catagory Aye Poet. Iam still holding his poetry book which he sent me duly signed by him.

  4. imtiaz chandio is young and good journalist of sindh,i like all articals of his,but he wrote about the greatest poets tajal bews,so nice,good imtiaz

  5. Tajal Bewas was one of the greatest poets and intellectuals of Sindh .He was a humble,generous and intelligent person.On literature side he was primarily a great poet who may be termed as continuity of Shah latif.On his death we all are in state of shock and pains because it is a great loss of the family, Sindh and sindhi literature.

  6. Tajal Bewas was indeed a genius and gentle. Various awards to his credit speak of him being the legendary person. To me it was a surprise to know that there are 31 books of his work published and there is considerable material waiting to be published (Imtiaz Chandio, Daily Kwaish 14-Dec-08). I hope and wish his unpublished work would be printed soon. It will be one of the tribute to him. Though not sure how much Sindhi poetry has been translated into other languages (in particular English), however, I am sure it would also be another tribute to Tajal sahb if some of his selected work be translated into English.

    May his soul rest in peace.

  7. Tajal Bewas was my grandfather,im his first granddaughter, i spend more time with my nana baba (tajal bewas) in my whole cousins, baba bewas was very loveable and also loving person.
    I cant find a person like him, he used to remain happy in this world of troubles, we’ll always remember him with our core of heart.
    he will remain always alive with our remembrance, he always said:
    when i remember his words my eyes become full of sorrow & saidness oosing with tears.
    we’ll miss you baba Bewas, may ALLAH rest his soul in peace ameeeen.

  8. Tajal Bewas was a great poet and the King of the Sindhi poetry.He done so many efforts for Sindhi culture. He will always alive in the heart of Sindhi people from all over the world. He proved that he loves Sindh dharti in his poetry. His death was a big loss for Pakistani and a Sindhi people.
    May ALLAH rest his soul in peace ameen.

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