Aiko- Female robot girlfriend

An inventor who has built a female robot called Aiko is getting standing for his creation. Le Trung, 33, insists his companion- who can speak English & Japanese, do basic maths and provide weather reports. There are some gossips that it is a start of replacement of girlfriends.

Karachi – Alarming indications towards start of fresh round of violence in coming days

by: Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

The alarming situation that forecasts more waves of brutal violence in Karachi. My view is that violence is a serious threat to Sindhi interests and the integrity of Sindh and Pakistan.

What can political parties, intellectuals, students, and NGO workers do to prevent violence in Karachi and elsewhere? How can we ensure that the Sindhi heritage of peace and tolerance for differences survives this new assault that is being encouraged from overseas religious and political influences?

December 12, 2008

Sindh is the Leader of Secularism

by Ghulam Qadir Mallah

Sindhi Musical Show organized by Sindhi Sangat of Ms Asha Chand here in Dubai. Ram Jethmalani was Chief Guest of the event. sindh He had remained Cabinet Minister of the Central Government of India up to long time, Law Minister of India and still having top positions in Indian Govt. Ram Jethmalani in his speech mentioned that Indian top class ministers and leaders of very big parties don’t know what is securlism? They don’t know what is “S” of securalism. But we Sindhi living any where in the world or in Sindh in our very essense are secular people and if any one wants to learn Secularism, they should learn from Sindhis. He qouted one example that before partition when he was a young child he experienced many times Sindhi Hindu children were having new dresses on Eid days and Muslim Sindhi children were having new dresses during DIWALI. He mentioned that kind of practical secularism is almost unavailable in whole India. Therefore, Sindh has always possessed a leading role to experience secularism. I would advise world to visit Sindh and learn secularism from Sindhis.